SmartZone & CountryZone

SmartZone & CountryZone

SmartZone & CountryZone covers all Oxford Bus Company and Thames Travel local bus services, plus Stagecoach and Arriva bus routes operating in and around Oxford City. 

Stagecoach or Arriva services outside of the Oxford SmartZone are not included.

It’s the flexible and convenient way to get travel across Oxford City and CountryZone (formerly South Oxfordshire) by bus.

This ticket also includes Pulhams services 15,19,64,68,X9, with the exception of travel to/from Burford on the 64, which will require a separate ticket. (Whilst the majority of Pulhams’ 64 service is included in the CountryZone, the school day only sections of route between Witney, Tower Hill Garage and Minster Lovell and between Carterton and Burford School aren’t.)

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The best value way of purchasing tickets is via the app. Alternatively, some tickets can be purchased from the driver, or on the key smartcard.

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  Adult 18 & Under
  App Key App Key
Period passes
1 Week £39.50 £42.00 £29.00 £30.00
4 Weeks £128.00 £137.50 £96.00 £98.50
13 Weeks £360.00   £280.00 £290.00
Annual       £880.00
Any 5 Day £38.00 £41.00