Oxford SmartZone


Oxford SmartZone

What is Oxford SmartZone?

Oxford SmartZone covers all the Oxford Bus Company, Stagecoach, Thames Travel or Arriva bus routes operating in and around Oxford City.

With a SmartZone ticket you can hop on the bus that turns up first, regardless of the operator. 

It’s the flexible and convenient way to get travel across Oxford by bus.

Oxford SmartZone map

Take a look at the Oxford SmartZone map for all the routes you can travel on.

View SmartZone map


The best value way of purchasing tickets is via the app. Alternatively, some tickets can be purchased from the driver, or on the key smartcard.

Buy tickets, plan your journey and track your bus by downloading our FREE mobile app.



  Adult 18 & Under
  App Bus Key App Key
1 Day £4.50 - - - -
1 Week £18.00 £20.00* £18.00 £13.50 £13.50
4 Weeks £66.00 - £66.00 £49.50 £49.50
13 Weeks - - £185.00 - £138.75
1 Year - - £700.00 - £525.00
any 5 day £20.00 - £20.00 - -
12 Trips £22.50 - £22.50 - -

* available as a top-up only, existing key card required.

A group ticket is valid for up to five people travelling together.

Group Bus
SmartZone Group 1 Day £9


Please note, Stagecoach no longer accept return tickets issued by Oxford Bus Company or Thames Travel.

Any customers wishing to travel on services provided by both Stagecoach and Oxford Bus Company or Thames Travel can continue to purchase the Oxford SmartZone range of products, with the Oxford SmartZone Day ticket for £4.50 available from your bus driver, the best value equivalent to a day return.

For mobile tickets, please note that Arriva accept Oxford SmartZone tickets purchased via the Oxford Bus or Stagecoach Bus mobile apps. However, you won't be able to purchase Oxford SmartZone tickets directly from Arriva's mobile app.