Smart Zone

Travel on ALL Oxford Bus, Thames Travel and Stagecoach bus services within the SmartZone area - it's the smart way to travel!  Your ticket gives you the freedom to get in and around the City as much as you like - for 24 hours, a week, 4 weeks, 13 weeks, any 5 days, any 12 trips, or for a whole year! Read details below, or talk with one of our drivers or Travel Shop team to decide which one is right for you.

About SmartZone

SmartZone map

Oxford SmartZone covers all the Oxford Bus Company, Stagecoach or Thames Travel bus routes operating in and around the City.

View SmartZone map (PDF, 257KB)

How do you purchase a SmartZone pass?

You can purchase a SmartZone pass by topping-up your key smartcard. If you don't have a key card you can sign-up online at Alternatively, visit our Gloucester Green travel shop.

How much does SmartZone cost?

  Adult 18&under


Valid for up to 2 adults and 3 children

24 hours*

£4.50 (B)

- £9 (B)

1 week

£17 (K)

£18 (B^)

£12.75 (K) -

4 weeks

£63 (K)

£47.25 (K) -

13 weeks

£164 (K)

£123 (K) -

1 year

£615 (K)

£461.25 (K) -

any 5 days (use within 6 months)

£20 (K)

- -

12 trips (use within 6 months)

£20 (K)

- -

*Not valid on Stagecoach night services.

A - Available on the app, K - Available on the key, B - Available on the bus, from your driver.

B^ - Available to purchase on the bus for customers who already have a Key/Stagecoach Smart card. If you don't, simply make your first purchase online here or drop in to one of our Travel Shops.

Please note, Stagecoach no longer accept return tickets issued by Oxford Bus Company or Thames Travel.

Any customers wishing to travel on services provided by both Stagecoach and Oxford Bus Company or Thames Travel can continue to purchase the Oxford SmartZone range of products, with the Oxford SmartZone 24 Hour ticket for £4.50 available from your bus driver, the best value equivalent to a day return.