CityZone offers local travel on our city, park&ride and BROOKESbus services along with Thames Travel services within the CityZone area.

This area covers the majority of greater Oxford, to Kennington (Sugworth Crescent) in the south, Cumnor to the west and Wheatley to the east, as well as Blackbird Leys, Wytham and Kidlington. Stagecoach services are not included.

Not sure where the cityzone covers? Download the network map here.

The best value way of purchasing tickets is via the app. Alternatively, some tickets can be purchased from the driver, or on the key smartcard.

Buy tickets, plan your journey and track your bus by downloading our FREE mobile app.


Travel anywhere within the cityzone area with Freeflow, and you'll pay just £4.20 a day! Find out more about Freeflow here.


  Adult 18 & Under
  App Key On bus FreeFlow App Key
Period passes
1 Day £4.50     £4.20    
1 Week £18.00 £18.50 £18.50   £13.00 £13.50
4 Weeks £61.00 £64.50     £46.00 £47.50
13 Weeks £168.00       £125.00 £129.00
Annual           £499.00
Any 5 Day £19.00 £20.50     £16.00  
12 Trips £20.50 £22.00     £14.50 £15.00


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Adult £56.30
18 & Under £42.45


Group Tickets

A group ticket is valid for up to five people travelling together.

Group App
CityZone Group 1 Day £9