Changes to service 3A from 14th April 2024

3 months ago Thu 8th Feb 2024

Service 3A withdrawn from Greater Leys

From April 2024, service 3A will operate via a revised route around Greater Leys.

Service 3A will have a revised route from 14th April 2024. Between Kassam Stadium and Templars Square, buses will now follow a more direct route via Grenoble Road, Watlington Road and Garsington Road. We are making this change following the review of strong feedback that we have received from residents in Greater Leys about the use of buses in certain streets.

For those wishing to travel to and from Greater Leys, bus stops are available along Grenoble Road, where Oxfordshire County Council have recently been upgrading the infrastructure for the benefit of bus users. Alternatively, there are high frequency buses to Templars Square from existing stops in Blackbird Leys on services 1, 5, 10 and 100. Services 1 and 5 continue to Oxford City Centre. Almost all residents in Greater Leys will remain within a 5-minute walk of alternative bus stops.

Please click here to see the new 3A timetable, and here to see a map of the new route.