Flexi tickets

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Working part-time or splitting your time between home and work? Our Flexi any 5 days or 12 trips passes can be used to suit your working pattern!

The tickets are available on the Oxford Bus appthe key smartcard and prices are as follows: 

  12 trips any 5 days
park&ride £16.50 (A, K) -
cityzone £18 (A, K) £18* (A, K)
cityzone EXTRA £26 (A, K) £26* (A, K)
South Oxfordshire zone £24(A, K) £24* (A, K)
cityzone and South Oxfordshire zone £33 (A, K) £33 (A, K)
Smartzone and South Oxfordshire zone  - £35* (K)

A - Available on the app, K - Available on the key, B - Available on the bus, from your driver.

So, whether you're working more flexibly or only attending your place of education a couple of days a week, our Flexi any 5 days or 12 trips tickets offer great value for money. 

Tickets are valid for 1 year from date of purchase except for tickets marked * which are valid for 6 months.