Access for All

Oxford Bus Company want to make travel on our buses easier for everyone. We are aware that different passengers have different needs to make travel easier, be they passengers in wheelchairs or mobility scooters, those who have difficulty walking, the blind, and those who are pregnant or have young children. As a result we are constantly improving our service to ensure there is access for all.

100% wheelchair accessible fleet and driver training

The company has introduced easy access buses across the whole fleet, with changes made to the interior layout of all vehicles to try and accommodate as many different customers’ needs as possible. Every driver also takes part in the Oxfordshire County Council approved Disability Awareness Training. We welcome the testing of wheelchairs and scooters at our depot for those who wish to do so - simply get in touch with us and we'll do our best to accommodate you. You can find out more about the specifications of our buses by looking at our Wheelchair Guidance page.

Journey Assistance Cards 

As part of our commitment to providing accessible transport for all, Oxford Bus Company offers 'Journey Assistance Cards' free of charge to its passengers. The Confederation of Passenger Transport (CPT) has introduced the scheme to provide a nationally standardised range of cards for passengers with disabilities or impairments that may not be immediately obvious to those around them. 

There are 12 variants of the cards, which cover disabilities such as deafness, visual impairment, or simply to advise the driver to allow the passenger to take their seat before pulling away from the stop. 

The cards can be requested by telephoning us directly, emailing us, through the post, or at one of our travel shops. For more information, please see the PDF below from the Confederation of Passenger Transport.

Journey Assistance Cards (PDF, 231kB)

Recite - our website is accessible for those with visual impairments.

Our website has been upgraded to help those with visual impairments and overseas visitors travelling to Oxford. 

The software converts the information on a webpage into spoken messages for those with sight problems and also translates the text into 54 different languages. It’s also possible to change the size of text and background colours to help people access information more easily. To use either of these features just click the ‘Speak Me’ icon in the website header.