Using your wheelchair on our buses and coaches

We endeavour to make our vehicles inclusive to all of our customers and this includes making them as accessible as possible for those who use wheelchairs. Further to our conditions of carriage (see Oxford Bus Company Conditions of Carriage or Thames Travel Conditions of Carriage), we have collated some additional guidance which is detailed below.

Wheelchair accessibility regulations for access to public transport use a specific reference wheelchair (see below). The reference wheelchair has: (a) total length of 1200mm including extra-long footplates (b) total width of 700mm (c) sitting height (from ground to top of head) of 1350mm.

The reference wheelchair is bigger than most wheelchairs to ensure that enough room is provided for most wheelchair users. However, many mobility scooters and some powered wheelchairs are bigger than the reference wheelchair and may not necessarily fit.

If your wheelchair is no bigger than the reference wheelchair you should be able to use any of our vehicles. If your wheelchair is bigger, get in touch with us via our customer services department on 01865 785 400. Although we are not legally obliged to take you in a larger wheelchair, we will make every effort to help if possible.

Wheelchair dimensions









Wheels within Wheels

The Department for Transport commissioned has commissioned Rica to produce a guide, Wheels within Wheels, which outlines what wheelchair users can expect from newer trains, coaches, buses and taxis. It has information on how passengers can find out where accessible services are running and gives tips on travelling in a wheelchair. It also lists the key dimensions of the wheelchairs currently available in the United Kingdom, and which of those will fit onto public transport. Find out more.