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Entry 01

01: Pancreatic Cancer Action

Pancreatic Cancer Action logo

I have lived in Oxford all my life and in 2011 my world collapsed when my mother Janet Priest was diagnosed with this horrific disease (pancreatic cancer), within just 7 weeks of this diagnosis she died. I then found this charity whilst looking for support and can never thank them enough for not only their support, giving me the strength to turn my grief into helping others but also for believing in me enough to make me area representative for Oxfordshire. Within the last few years, I have supported over 20 other families in Oxford whose loved ones have sadly been diagnosed and lost their lives to pancreatic cancer. Together with the help of PCA we continuously fundraise and push for more awareness throughout Oxfordshire, we even held our 1st Oxford “Striding for Survival ” event and this has now been confirmed as an annual event. To have Pancreatic Cancer Action emblazoned all over one of your buses would just be fantastic for more awareness and help us to change the horrific statistics that survival of pancreatic cancer has. This entry was submitted by Kelley Spacey.

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Entry 02

02: Be Free Young Carers

Be Free Young Carers logo

We are a small but mighty charity. The only charity in Oxfordshire that specifically supports local young carers by offering them respite activities, bespoke befriending service, 121 emotional support, and training to help them deal with first aid and nutritional advice. There are approx. 12,000 young carers in Oxfordshire, doing an adult role. Our job is to raise awareness of them within schools and the local community. We are here for them every step of the way, offering them and their families support. By being on a bus we will show young carers that there is an organisation that supports them, it will also raise our profile and help with our fundraising efforts. It will show young carers that Oxfordshire sees them and cares, this is hugely important when their work is unseen by the community. This entry was submitted by Sabiene North.

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Entry 3

03: Helen & Douglas House children's hospice

Helen and Douglas House Logo

You don’t think it could ever happen to you. You couldn’t imagine how you’d cope if it did. Because how could anybody ever be prepared for the devastating news that their child will die? For the families we care for, the loss of a child isn’t just a nightmare – it’s a reality. When their world is falling apart, we’re here to support them through this heart-breaking time. We help local terminally ill children to live their short lives to the full, creating happy memories in their final days, weeks, months or years with their families. As a charity, we need to raise over £3.6 million each year just to pay for care. If we won the 'Brand the Bus!' competition and were on a bus side for a year, this would raise awareness of our charity and raise vital funds. And, most importantly, it would make a real difference to the lives of local families with terminally ill children. This entry was submitted by Janet Carruzzo.

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Entry 04

04: ARCh (Assisted Reading for Children)

ARCh (Assisted Reading for Children) logo

ARCh is an award-winning Oxfordshire charity, established in 2008. Since that time we have helped thousands of children develop a life-enhancing love of reading. Books transport children to different worlds and ARCh has an amazing impact on a child. After a year’s ARCh support, children improve in reading confidence, in attitude to reading and increase in confidence/self-esteem. ARCh volunteering is open to all - no particular qualifications are needed, just good communication skills, a love of books and enjoyment of children’s company. Each reader is resourced with a box of books and games to use in their sessions in school with their individual children. Resources are tailored to suit the interests of the children, to encourage the children to have fun while sharing an enjoyable half hour with a dedicated and interested adult. We ensure that every ARCh volunteer enjoys their role and gains as much from their experience as the children do! Volunteers and children frequently tell us that their ARCh time is the highlight of their week! ARCh Reader Sandra says “ I always leave school with a smile on my face. ARCh is a very rewarding charity to work with and the ARCh back-up team supports volunteers so well.” Full training, ongoing support and travel expenses provided for volunteers. There are so many benefits for children and volunteers alike, it is a win/win experience and can be life-changing for both parties. We are calling on the local community (residents, students, businesses) to get involved in inspiring local children to develop a love of reading which will enhance their lives at schools and beyond. As a small local charity, we do not have a budget for advertising. Being featured on an Oxford bus would highlight the need for all to enjoy happy reading – now needed more than ever before. We would be so proud to see ARCh emblazoned on an Oxford Bus Company bus! Please vote to help us help more Oxford children on their reading journey! This entry was submitted by Elaine Adams.

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Entry 05

05: The Archway Foundation

The Archway Foundation logo

The Archway Foundation is a local charity, founded in Oxford in 1982, and supports people from all backgrounds who are affected by loneliness. Loneliness might seem like something intangible, but it’s something that almost all of us will experience in our lives, and for some, it will have a significant impact on their physical and mental health. Until joining as a volunteer for Archway three years ago, I had never considered the impact that a cup of tea and a chat could have, but stories from service users (we call them Friends) and a waiting list to access support shows that the listening ear and thoughtful care Archway gives has an impact. I was really keen to apply for the 'Brand the Bus!' competition this year because, during the pandemic, a lot of people will have experienced loneliness or at least have missed out on the human interaction that we thrive on. As we come out of a long period of restrictions and lockdowns, now is a good time to reconsider what we think about loneliness and the effect it has within our community. Recruiting more volunteers and extending provision are ideal outcomes of winning the 'Brand the Bus!' competition. But thinking of the bigger picture; it would be nice to think that seeing the bus could prompt people to make contact with someone they haven’t spoken to for a while or make someone realise that they are being hurt by loneliness and seek the support they need. Ultimately, if it just helps the people of Oxfordshire to reach out more to support their families, friends and communities, then that’s a message worth putting on a bus. This entry was submitted by Holly Pharoah.

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Entry 06

06: PACT (Parents and Children Together)

PACT (Parents and Children Together)

Many of us have fond memories that start with getting on a bus: pointing out of the bus window on a day out with your grandparents. Laughing together on your first independent journey as a teenager into town shopping with your mates. Heading home from the library with a heavy bag of books, excited to start college. People watching on a new commute route to their first job. PACT has been supporting children and families in our community since 1911. We have been there for thousands of people on their journeys from surviving trauma to thriving with wonderful memories like these. Last year, with our adoption services rated as outstanding by Ofsted, we found permanent and loving families for 84 children. We are a warm, welcoming and professional organisation privileged to help people to grow their families. We are also proud of the on-going post-adoption support we can offer to families from the first day their children come home. Oxfordshire based adopters Emily and Ben said, “Our daughter came to live with us in November 2020; like a tiny firework she exploded into our home on Bonfire Night. She is a confident, empathetic and beautiful girl, inside and out. She is funny, smart, brave, and incredibly friendly. Her favourite things at the moment are reading books, going to soft play, searching for the Gruffalo, and eating as much gingerbread as humanly possible. PACT has been on hand at every stage to help with any query we had. Even now that the Adoption Order has been granted we are still able to contact them for help and support, which is tremendously reassuring for the future.” Our Alana House team are skilled and experienced in working alongside women with a variety of complex needs and supported approximately 200 women in the community across the Thames Valley last year. Amira said, "I am so happy with the support given to me by Alana House, they are an amazing and incredibly thoughtful service. They are like family and I am proud to be a service user. When I am with Alana House, I feel free.” 113 children and parents who have survived domestic abuse were supported through our Bounce Back for Kids project. Our passionate and knowledgeable team walk beside families to live beyond trauma. By taking over the branding of an Oxford Bus Company bus, we can reach and support even more children and families in our community – those who need it the most. This entry was submitted by Sam Ward.

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Entry 07

07: Children's Air Ambulance

Children's Air Ambulance logo

Children’s Air Ambulance is a national service, changing the face of paediatric and neonatal care through the high-speed transfer of critically ill babies and children and flying them from one hospital to another for specialist care. Our vision is clear; to ensure children grow into adults, for adults to live longer and for families to stay together, as bereavement through trauma becomes rare. With two helicopters based out of Oxford and Doncaster airports, our clinically designed aircraft provides a flying intensive care unit for babies and children. We work with 10 NHS paediatric retrieval teams right across the UK, enabling them to bring their specialist equipment on board to safely transfer patients. If a child is too sick to fly, then Children’s Air Ambulance can fly a specialist team directly to them. All transfers of critically ill babies and children carry an inherent risk – the longer a child is out of the hospital, the greater that risk. With our ability to fly approximately four times faster than a land ambulance, we can minimise travel times and risks. We receive no government funding and rely entirely on voluntary donations to raise the £3,500 needed for every mission. Your support will help to keep hope alive for these patients and their families. This entry was submitted by Abby Davies.

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Entry 08

08: Yellow Submarine

Yellow Submarine logo

Yellow Submarine is an award-winning Oxfordshire charity that believes people with learning disabilities and autism deserve to live life to the full. They tackle the problem that many people with learning disabilities leave school with limited life skills which results in poor life chances. This often leads to isolation and being marginalised. Yellow Submarine works with young people in the community setting from the age 11 onwards and supports them into adulthood. The projects and activities run by the charity help build members social skills, confidence, independence and ultimately their employability. These activities also provide respite for families and carers. Young members of Yellow Submarine can enjoy school holiday programmes, youth clubs and residential holidays. The aim of these activities are to help teenagers socialise independently, gain skills and transition into adulthood. Adults are provided training opportunities, residential holidays and social clubs. These projects help members gain independence and in short members are able to ‘do more’ and ‘need less’ from the state or other charities. The same staff team assist young people on their journey through childhood and into adulthood, this allows staff to build trust with members and gain a real insight to how create a person-centred plan to support each person as an individual. This is what makes Yellow Submarine unique in the world of charities, as well as the staff’s willingness to go the extra mile! The success of Yellow Submarine achieving their goals is greatly helped by their award-winning ‘Life Changing Cafés’ run in Oxford and Witney which also act as work experience centres for trainees, young adults with learning disabilities. Customers enter the cafes because of the quality of the coffee, food and service. It just ‘so happens’ that customers leave with a different perception of ‘disability. Winning the ‘Brand the Bus’ competition would mean Yellow Submarine’s message ‘people with learning disabilities and autism deserve to live life to the full’ will be shared across Oxfordshire, raising awareness of the charity and showing the community the importance of supporting people with ‘disabilities’ as #WeCan! This entry was submitted by Ella O'Brien.

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Entry 09

09: Maggie's

Maggie's logo

At Maggie’s we’re here with you if you or someone you care about has cancer. Our building is just opposite the main entrance to the Churchill Hospital, and we operate as a drop-in centre from 9 am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday. We offer free advice and information for people with cancer and their families and friends and offer support over the phone and through our online and in person groups. With many people facing a delay in their diagnosis or treatment our support is needed now more than ever. Local people need to know about Maggie’s and that we are here with them if they should ever need us, having a bus branded in our name would help us reach more people with cancer and their families and friends. One of our visitors described being diagnosed with cancer like being dropped into a city they didn’t know without a map and we gave him the directions he needed. Thank you for your vote and thank you to the Oxford Bus Company for this opportunity. This entry was submitted by Pip Dingle.

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Entry 10

10: Kelly Jackson Memorial Fund

10: Kelly Jackson Memorial Fund

We believe we deserve to Brand the Bus because we are a local independent charity of which Kelly was a very popular member within the Oxford community. She was well-loved, sadly missed and as a charity, our mission statement is to continue with her amazing charity work she cared so much for. In doing this, we will continue to support other families as well as our main goal, which is to purchase a fully adapted and accessible caravan in Weymouth. This entry was submitted by Dana Jackson.

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Entry 11

11: OASIS (Oxfordshire Autistic Society Information and Support)

OASIS logo

OASIS is a small charity run by a committee of parents, providing support for families of children on the autistic spectrum & related conditions, such as sensory processing disorder and global development delay. OASIS knows it can sometimes be a lonely and challenging experience raising a child with autism and we aim to support families through the services that we offer. OASIS runs monthly coffee and chat sessions in Oxford, Abingdon, Didcot and Wantage. These are very informal drop ins, it’s a place to eat cake, drink coffee and just off load without feeling any kind of judgement. Our members have also said this is one of the best places for first-hand experience and they get some great advice. OASIS also runs annual clinics that run for free for anyone to attend to gain outside professional support for their individual circumstances. The book lending library is vast and available to members for borrowing at any time, this is kept up to date with new material. OASIS also plans to launch a sensory library whereby members can try some of the most expensive equipment without any of the expenses. One of the main services OASIS provides is playdays during all school holidays, as parents of ASD children we completely understand that the school holidays can be isolating and stressful. This provision is for the whole family unit, it includes parents and siblings so everyone gets involved. OASIS aims to provide a wide range of activities that are both suitable and safe for everyone. OASIS is currently the only organisation that provides this type of support across the whole county. So for OASIS to win "Brand the Bus!" would just be totally amazing to our current families we support and the ones we would potentially reach as a result. OASIS has been running for 29 years and will continue to provide support for many more to come. This entry was submitted by Maxine Seddon.

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Entry 12

12: Heart Heroes

Heart Heroes logo

At Heart Heroes we: Support children with heart diseases aged 0 – 16. Organise events and provide socialising opportunities for children to attend. We aim to introduce families with similar experiences so that they can support each other. With our Heart Heroes Oxfordshire hub being 6 months old and accessed by many local families, we feel this would be totally amazing and a great way for our local families to be even more supported in their community! This entry was submitted by Kelly Cornish.

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Entry 13


13: Borneo Nature Foundation

Borneo Nature Foundation logo

Borneo’s lowland rainforests are being lost at an alarming rate, putting significant pressure on the island’s unique biodiversity. Borneo is home to the critically endangered Bornean orangutan, rare gibbons, beautiful but elusive clouded leopards, and countless other iconic and threatened species - many of which have yet to be described. Borneo Nature Foundation (BNF) comprises Yayasan Borneo Nature Indonesia and its sister organisation, BNF International. BNF is a not-for-profit conservation and research organisation, working to protect globally-important areas of tropical rainforest, and to safeguard the wildlife, environment and indigenous cultures of Borneo. Throughout the foundation's programmes, it supports and empowers community-led initiatives to conserve forest and biodiversity, including anti-logging patrols, fire-fighting teams, environmental education and the replanting and restoration of damaged forests; all built on a strong foundation of rigorous scientific research. BNF makes major contributions to action plans and strategies for conservation, equally benefitting wildlife and the communities that live alongside it. This entry was submitted by Olivia Pilmore-Bedford.

View Borneo Nature Foundation PDF presentation

Entry 14

14: My Life My Choice

My Life My Choice logo

My Life My Choice is a self-advocacy organisation led by 15 Trustees with learning disabilities. We have been running since 1998. At My Life My Choice, we want to make sure that there is independent support for people with learning disabilities in Oxfordshire to have their say, claim their rights and take control of their own lives. We deliver a diverse range of innovative and user led projects that enhance and empower the lives of adults with learning disabilities in Oxfordshire. These established projects include the Power Up training & consultancy & research team, Champions who speak up and campaign, Travel Buddy scheme, 12 local self-help groups, and Gig Buddies. We tackle social isolation by providing our members with fun activities for them to take part in. Through our Gig Buddies project, we are able to match volunteer buddies with our members so that they are able to go out and have fun! Anyone can be a Gig Buddies volunteer, so by having our logo on the bus we will be able to create new friendships for our members and reach volunteers all over Oxfordshire. This entry was submitted by Melissa Badinca.

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Entry 15

15: Standing with Giants

Standing with Giants logo

On freedom day on 19th July 2021, Standing with Giants displayed 300, 2 dimensional NHS figures in an Oxford Park over a 2-week period. Its purpose, to remember those NHS workers who lost their lives on the front line fighting Covid-19, whilst offering a massive thank you for the care and dedication given by current NHS staff, now and throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. Artist Dan Barton, founder of Standing with Giants based in Stanton Harcourt, Oxfordshire, created with the help of a small team of dedicated volunteers this NHS tribute installation, all in their spare time. The figures were made from recycled building materials, using hand tools and were hand-painted, enabling people who take part to feel fully engaged in a community-minded project. We were humbled to welcome NHS frontline workers to the opening ceremony on 19th July 2021 who unveiled the figures. The Lord Mayor of Oxford, Mark Lygo, cut the ribbon and opened the display. The backs of the figures were painted black to symbolise remembrance with a face mask to represent the harsh realities of Covid-19. When viewed from the back you saw a sea of silhouettes with face masks and when viewed from the front you saw a sea of colourful front line workers, safely positioned at approximately 5m apart. Standing with Giants would be honoured to be considered for this opportunity to be seen on an Oxford Bus Company bus. It would be fantastic for the Oxfordshire NHS staff to also see themselves on their local Oxford bus after all their hard work and dedication during this pandemic. We feel our NHS tribute graphics would work well with the bold Oxford Bus Company colours and would work hand in hand. Standing with Giants creates meaningful spaces for people to visit and reflect. Our installations have evoked and released deep-seated emotions within many of our visitors and testament to this can be found on our website on the thank yous and testimonials page. This entry was submitted by Janette Barton.

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Entry 1616: Sue Ryder Palliative Care Hub South Oxfordshire

Sue Ryder Palliative Care logo


Personal choice is really important at the end of life. We only do this once, and it’s crucial to get it right. Every one of us will experience the loss of a loved one and face bereavement at some point. The sad reality is that when someone is told they are dying and families are faced with losing a loved one, many people don’t know where to turn, or that a wealth of support is readily available. Without the proper support and care, this experience can be incredibly damaging, not only for a loved one living with a terminal condition, but for their family as well. There are an estimated 4,430 people in the local area in need of palliative care, and as many as 1,150 who cannot currently access the care they need. Sue Ryder goes above and beyond to help families fill their final days together with love. “When Dad died, Mum and I were by his side. As we wept, our two wonderful, compassionate Sue Ryder Nurses comforted us. It was a final gift from a team who had cared so much, for all of us, right from the start. Dad wasn’t just a patient to them – he was a person. Dad died in our front room, the one he and Mum usually kept for special occasions. In those few weeks, we met more than 20 Sue Ryder Nurses – and every single one brought warmth and understanding into that room.” Joanne, whose father David was cared for at home by Sue Ryder. Every last day should be filled with love. This entry was submitted by Gemma Wise.

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Entry 17

17: Medical Detection Dogs

Medical Detection Dogs logo

The world-leading, innovative charity, Medical Detection Dogs, trains dogs to save lives using their amazing sense of smell. Bio Detection Dogs work in the charity‘s state-of-the-art training room to detect diseases like cancer, Parkinson’s, malaria and most recently, COVID-19. They work on human samples and alert their handler when they find even the tiniest odour associated with some of the world’s most deadly diseases. This pioneering work could lead to dogs playing an important role in early screening, diagnosis and improving patient care in hospitals. Beyond this, the vision is to help scientists and medics develop faster, cheaper, non-invasive methods of diagnosis that could impact on millions of lives. For example, the results of a recent trial to train dogs to detect prostate cancer in urine samples showed they can detect the most aggressive forms of the disease with high specificity and sensitivity. They can also find it in urine from patients who have other diseases of the prostate. And Phase 1 of a trial to train dogs to detect COVID-19, showed they can sniff it with a sensitivity of up to 95.1% and specificity of up to 91% meaning they can reliably identify when people do and don’t have the disease. Crucially, they identified individuals who have COVID-19 but are asymptomatic. The dogs are now training in real-world settings. Medical Alert Assistance Dogs support individuals with complex health conditions when they are in danger of having a potentially life-threatening medical event. This allows our clients to take the necessary action and prevent further harm and hospital admissions. Using the power of their nose, these assistance dogs can be trained to detect even the faintest change in the smell of their human partner which signals an impending crisis, and give a 5-10 minute alert. Conditions such as Type 1 diabetes, severe allergies and Addisons Disease with crisis type episodes are among those that the dogs can be trained to detect and alert well before their human partner is aware that an episode is about to occur. As well as reducing ambulance call outs and hospital stays, the dogs give their partners and their families greater confidence, peace of mind, independence and quality of life. The charity relies on the public’s generosity to continue with our life-saving work. This entry was submitted by Gemma Butlin.

View Medical Detection Dogs PDF presentation

Entry 18

18: Restore

Restore logo

Mental ill-health affects at least one in four of us each year, and it is more important than ever that we support people with mental ill-health following on from the COVID 19 pandemic. Restore is a local Oxfordshire-based Mental Health Charity working towards a time when adults with mental ill-health are fully empowered to live meaningful lives. We support adults to take control of their recovery, and offer recovery groups, training and employment coaching to make this possible. Our members participate in therapeutic activities including cooking, arts and crafts, gardening and other customer services activities to help them develop new and existing skills and feel valued. We also offer a coaching service and mental health first aid training (MHFA). 'Brand the Bus!' would be a superb opportunity, not only to enhance and raise awareness of the services we offer at Restore, but it would also help us to reduce the stigma associated with mental ill-health and raise vital funds to reduce our long waiting list. Together, we can help more adults with mental ill-health by voting for Restore to Brand the Oxford Bus! Thank you! This entry was submitted by Lucy Didcock.

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Entry 19

19: Hft

Hft logo

At Hft Oxfordshire and Berkshire, we support around 90 people with many different types of learning disability. We’re experienced at supporting people with Down’s Syndrome, autism, complex health needs and challenging behaviour. What’s consistent throughout, is our focus on ensuring that everyone is supported to live the best life, and achieve the best outcomes possible. People with learning disabilities face complex and lifelong challenges, and by focussing on the needs of the individual, and by being creative about the kind of support we offer, we provide quality services that make a real difference to peoples’ lives. For Hft to win ‘Brand the Bus!’ it would be a fantastic achievement that will allow us to increase our awareness around the Oxfordshire area. We want to showcase the positive impact we make to the lives of the people we support. But enough from us, we wanted to share with you some comments from the families of the people supported at Hft. Glenda & Allen ‘We would like to say thank you for the care that our son has received during this very difficult year. The staff have gone to great lengths to try to provide ways of keeping the residents happy and stimulated and safe.’ Jo: ‘My brother speaks highly of his staff. Us as a family could never thank his staff enough, they all work very hard and are all happy to speak to us and work with us if there is ever a problem’ Duncan: ‘Laura is very much looked after by her staff, which as her father I very much appreciate. Have done an excellent job keeping COVID safe.’ This entry was submitted by Raveena Landa.

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Entry 20

20: Edge Housing

Edge Housing logo

Imagine what it must feel like to be homeless or sleep rough on the streets. Edge Housing is a charity that helps people like me. They provide accommodation and support to the homeless or vulnerably housed in Oxford. Currently, Edge is accommodating thirty residents in eight houses, some of whom have come directly from sleeping rough on the street, or who were emergency housed by Council during the pandemic. Next year, Edge will open a new house for homeless women. Edge offers accommodation, support, hope and a future to those of us who found ourselves on the street. Once we get referred and housed, we work with Edge staff who provide support to each resident to ensure our lives are turned around in a lasting way. This will include helping to find volunteering posts and ultimately paid work. Edge keeps rents low so that, when we gain employment, it allows us to save and eventually move to our own homes. Edge allows us to explore our ambitions, and their staff work alongside us. The houses are not institutions but real homes with gardens. The aim is to challenge us to overcome the obstacles that led to our becoming homeless. It would be amazing to spread the word about Edge’s work and to see it on the side of the bus! This entry was submitted by Kenny Backhouse.


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Entry 21

21: Read Easy Oxford

Read Easy logo

Imagine. Your young son is back in hospital - for the third time. CONTAINS PEANUTS is on the label of his snack. You know about his peanut allergy, but you can’t read the warnings on the label. Imagine a parent’s anger, self-blame and torment in such a situation. The Oxford group of Read Easy UK can help. Almost 6000 adults in Oxford cannot read. The pandemic has left these 6000 feeling yet more isolated. Home-schooling children for several months was a big enough challenge for many parents with good literacy skills, but for those who cannot read their seven year-old’s story book, or read communications from teachers, it has been beyond them. Try understanding all the government health advice when you cannot read. Read Easy UK is the only national charity which provides free, confidential, one-to-one reading coaching for adults. A reader meets a personal, trained coach for one-to-one 30-minute sessions, twice a week in a safe, private space. Together they work through a tailored programme of material, specially designed for adults. It is flexible and enables progress at the individual reader’s pace. There are no exams. 12.5% of our adult population in Oxford has “very poor literacy skills” (also known as being functionally illiterate). Typically their situation is hidden from friends and family. Few are aware that help is readily available. The need to spread awareness means that success with the 'Brand the Bus!' competition would dramatically improve our ability to change lives. There is a direct link between low levels of literacy, low paid jobs and unemployment. Low literacy often locks adults out of the job market. Children’s education suffers. The cycle of exclusion is perpetuated down the generations. Literacy is a human right. We badly need your help to get our message out and across Oxford to the people who don’t know we are here to help them. Please help us to raise awareness of our organisation. Thank you. This entry was submitted by Moony Budge.


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Entry 22

22: Sobell House Hospice Charity

Sobell House logo

Sobell House Hospice has been at the heart of its community for over 45 years, caring for people with life-limiting illnesses and supporting those that love and care for them. At any one time, the hospice is caring for over 500 people. Care that is provided in the hospice, peoples homes and in our local hospitals. Staff also help create special last moments by arranging last-minute weddings for patients and bringing Christmas forward so families can be together. Dame Cicely Saunders, the founder of the hospice movement, said about hospice care; ‘You matter because you are you, and you matter until the end of your life. We will do all we can not only to help you die peacefully, but also to live until you die’. We hold this ethos close to our hearts at Sobell House and strive to ensure that our patients receive the best possible medical, emotional and spiritual care. Many people reading this entry may have had personal experience of the care provided at the hospice but may not realise that we rely upon the generosity of our community to help fund many of the services that make hospice care so special. Every year as a charity, we need to raise £2 million. If we won the ‘Brand the Bus!’ competition and were on the side of a bus for a year, this would help raise awareness of our charity and raise vital funds. Helping us be there for more people that need us. Thank you for your vote. This entry was submitted by Lorraine Pink.


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Entry 23

23: Inclusive Care & Education (The ICE Centre)

ICE center logo

Inclusive Care & Education supports people with learning disabilities in all aspects of their lives. Our aims are to encourage individuals to be the best that they can be, to have fun while learning essential life skills and to be able to participate fully in all aspects of their local community. Inclusive Care & Education believe that everyone should be included fully in society. People with learning disabilities enjoy life to the full and always have a smile on their face. To see their faces on a bus would mean the world to them. This entry was submitted by Jill Bull.


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