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Entry 01

Oxford City Angels

Submitted by - Belinda Hopkins

About Oxford City Angels
Oxford City Angels (OCA) is a female-focused safeguarding service operating during the night-time economy. Our priority and primary function is to ensure the safety and security of women and girls. We shall deliver this by deploying trained volunteers in Oxford City Centre and the Cowley Road between the hours of 22:00 and 04:00. We have a planned started date of 6th August 2022. At this time we will be operating one Saturday a month. Our aim is to recruit enough volunteers to operate 3-4 Saturdays a month.

The OCA initiative was created as a result of the Safer Streets project (Home Office funding) which focused on tackling and preventing violence against women and girls.

We are currently in the process of setting up the organisation and training volunteers to safely intervene and challenge incidents of sexual harassment and support survivors. A key role of the volunteers will be to aid women get home safely after a night out.


What would branding a bus mean to your organisation?
Branding a bus to advertise our Community interest group would be every thing to us, as it is an extremely important project that is very close to every parents heart, to know that a group is out there for support and welfare in the night time economy in Oxford City Centre and the Cowley Road. To have a Double Decker Bus wrapped in our logo and the assistance of your advertising would phenomenal and a great way to get the group recognised and it would be very eye catching when driving along the roads in the City and Cowley, it is something that we can actively share with the Bus company and the Community.


Entry 02

Tourette’s Awareness

Submitted by - Cian Simmons

About Tourette's Awareness
Tourette’s awareness is a charity that helps people with Tourette’s syndrome.

What would branding a bus mean to your organisation?
This would help people understand the disability a lot more as no one actually knows what Tourette’s is.

Entry 03

Connection Support

Submitted by - Natalie Skark

About Connection Support
At Connection Support our team of staff members and volunteers provide expert support to vulnerable people with complex and challenging needs across Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire, and Milton Keynes.

Our aim is to solve homelessness and achieve independence for all our clients and to do that we provide a wide range of services which offer support with homelessness, housing support, mental health, independent living, preventing isolation, parental mentoring, refugee resettlement, adult autism support, and social prescribing. This aim is fully inclusive, which means we work with people who are at risk of ‘falling through the gaps’ to make sure that no one is left behind. We believe that every human being is a valuable member of our society and should be treated as such.


What would branding a bus mean to your organisation?
Branding a bus to advertise Connection Support would be a fantastic way to showcase the fantastic work our staff and volunteers do every day. Until recently we were a very small charity, but in the last couple of years, our organisation has grown rapidly offering more support services than ever before. This means that the clients we help know about us, but not necessarily the public so we want to get our name out there and ensure we are recognised and renowned in the area. We haven’t had a proper marketing function in place until the last 6 months, so our Marketing Manager has a big job on her hands! To have a bus covered with our logo and branding is something we would never be able to afford with our budgets, so it really would be an amazing opportunity for us!

Entry  04


Submitted by - Martin Pritchard

About Ssnap
Ssnap is a local charity based at the JR Hospital who's work enables them to support sick newborns and their parents (ssnap). Ssnap are celebrating their 40th anniversary this year and are hoping to raise an additional £40k to be able to continue to support families in Oxfordshire.


What would branding a bus mean to your organisation?
Branding a bus would mean that the charity will be able to get their cause out there to the public which will enable them to continue the excellent work that they do in not just supporting newborns but also their families. Without the intensive care many babies wouldn't make it, ssnap makes this possible.

Entry 05

The Unicorn Trust

Submitted by - Tamora Burford

About the Unicorn Trust
The Unicorn Trust provides specialist educational support for children and young people with specific learning differences and autism in Oxfordshire.

Before coming to us, many of the children and young people we support struggle with their mental health, and without us may drop out of education completely.

We provide a safe and nurturing environment, giving our learners the confidence, strategies and skills to enable them to celebrate their learning differences and to reach their potential, so that they can go on and live the life they choose.


What would branding a bus mean to your organisation?
As a small charity, branding a bus would be an incredible opportunity for us. It would help to raise awareness of who we are and what we do, which would increase the impact we can have on the lives of children and young people with specific learning differences and autism, as well as their families.

This year we are celebrating our 30th Anniversary and we have ambitious plans to extend our current premises, as well as opening a second site. With the support of the Oxford Bus Company, we can reach so many more people; letting them know about the support we offer, and equally asking for their support in helping us to grow and to increase our impact.

Entry 06

Alexandra House of Joy

Submitted by - Rachael Scott-Hunter

About the Alexandra House of Joy
Alexandra House of Joy will be a very unique Multipurpose Centre Project created for adults with severe and profound learning disabilities and their Primary Carers living in Oxfordshire. Our Vision arises from the brave, courageous and inspirational life of Alexandra Scott-Hunter who passed away March 2019.

Services for these wonderful adults have slowly eroded since 1991 due to continuous austerity cuts. In 2017 fourteen of the twenty two day time support centres across Oxfordshire were closed down. |Something had to be done. Our Mission's aim is to provide day time support, respite care holidays, hospice end of life palliative care, training and employment through our cafe and kitchen gardens, school transition programmes from SEN schools, hydrotherapy, and very importantly, care and support for the primary caregivers. Each adult will be shown respect, dignity, value, opportunities and tailor made activities to encourage and enable any abilities they may have.


What would branding a bus mean to your organisation?
Branding a bus to showcase our Charity we would consider an absolute honour and joy. One of the biggest problems we have had is advertising. Being able to tell everyone about us, what we are doing, for whom we are doing it, and how this is going to change so many people's lives very much for the better.

Adults with profound and severe learning disabilities are the most discriminated and excluded people in our society. We are a very small Charity and we need the help of big companies, like yourselves, to support us, by publicising our profile, so that we can bring our Vision and Mission to fruition. This would be an incredible way of drawing the attention of the County to our Charity, so that we can get them behind this unique Centre of excellence. We want to honour them, and out of love and admiration for them, create this exciting wonderful Centre which will uplift each single person to feel heard, understood, included and extremely valued.

Adult Services are now at the lowest they have ever been, so we have committed and dedicated ourselves to make this happen. We need support, help, and above all funds. Mental Health is wide known and supported now through hard work of many people wanting it spotlighted. Adults with profound and severe learning disabilities, and their primary caregivers, also suffer from mental health issues, They deserve the same respect and understanding. The serious plight of these families needs attention. They deserve something very special to happen for them. We hope, please, that you will also stand by us to bring about long awaited justice and equality for these amazing families. This would be an incredible opportunity for Alexandra House of Joy together with your Company.

Entry 07

Kidlington Scout Group

Submitted by - Maragaret Boggs

About the Kidlington Scout Group
We are a large Scout Group accommodating 160 young people from Kidlington and the surrounding villages. We could be bigger with more sections if we could attract more adult help. At the moment we have 1 Beaver Colony, 2 Cub Packs and 2 Scout Troops. We also have a large waiting list of young people who love to join


What would branding a bus mean to your organisation?
We would hope to attract more adult help for our current sections but would love to attract adults to open up new sections. Our waiting list clearly speaks of a need.

Entry 08

Oxfordshire Crossroads

Submitted by - Lizzy Clarkson

About the Oxfordshire Crossroads
We work to improve the well-being of unpaid Carers and people with care needs across Oxfordshire. We can provide trained care workers to look after family members as well as other support. It could be for a young unpaid Carer who rushes straight home from school to make sure Mum has taken her medication. It could be for grandma, who is trying to keep grandad, who is living with dementia, safe.


What would branding a bus mean to your organisation?
It would really help to raise awareness of unpaid Carers and what we can do to help. One unpaid Carer recently said, "I'm not really a Carer, I just look after my mum who has dementia". Another said of her son, "I hadn't thought about him as a Carer, this is just our life". Some of these unpaid Carers cannot leave their homes without our support.

Raising awareness will also help our fundraising and recruitment. We can only deliver free care and support when we have funds and staff to do this. We provide full training, a caring disposition is our main criteria!

Entry 09

Kelly Jackson Memorial Fund

Submitted by - Dana Jackson

About the Kelly Jackson Memorial Fund
The Kelly Jackson Memorial Fund has been an Official charity for 2 years and is based in central Oxford. Our Charity was created because of the sudden and sad loss of Kelly Jackson in April 2020. Kelly spent a lot of her time fund raising for various charities, being born with spina bifida and spending the majority of her life in a wheelchair, nothing was ever to much trouble and she always went above and beyond to raise money for charity.

We would like to buy a fully wheelchair accessible caravan so we can offer families a holiday away making memories and putting the struggles of everyday life to one side and enjoying friend/family time together. We are also supporting children who are suffering from lifechanging illnesses, we will be helping and supporting them with days out to give the families a well-earned distractions from their everyday challenges.


What would branding a bus mean to your organisation?
As a small charity and only been up and running for two years "Brand The Bus" would be an amazing opportunity for us to help get the Kelly Jackson Memorial Fund name out to the public and show them who we are, what we are about and what we do.

With the help of the Oxford Bus Company this would reach so many more people and it would just be wonderful to see our charity's logo along with a picture of Kelly on the bus. Kelly used the bus's every week as this gave her the independence she needed to get out and about on her own, so seeing this on a bus, I'm sure people would recognised Kelly as she seemed to know so many people.

Entry 10

Style Acre

Submitted by - Lisa Hanton

About Style Acre
Style Acre supports over 270 adults with learning disabilities and autism to live life to the full across Oxfordshire.

Our person-centred support ranges from 24-hour care for those with complex learning, health and /or physical disabilities to a few hours support per week for those who live more independently. We are rated ‘outstanding’ by the Care Quality Commission , the independent regulator for adult health and social care services.

People we support are given the freedom and independence to live with peers in a supported environment through our 33 supported living households. We also run three community hubs in Wallingford, Didcot and Banbury where the people we support can participate in sports, arts, social and leisure activities, getting the best out of their local communities. People can also access gardening sessions at the market garden in Wantage, at our hubs or participate at home.

We also offer a Work Programme which supports voluntary and work placements in our own social enterprises or at local companies.


What would branding a bus mean to your organisation?
Style Acre would love to have a branded bus to help showcase and bring awareness of our charity to people across the county.

It would be a fantastic opportunity that would make a real difference to us. Helping us to promote the services that we offer to families across Oxfordshire who may need our support, promote the impact of our work to the wider community and potential supporters and allow those that we support to be part of such an amazing campaign

It would be a fantastic way for us to showcase the services, as well as raising awareness. The campaign will also allow those that we support to get involved. They would love to see a Style Acre branded bus and will be proud to be part of Style Acre and such a great opportunity.

Entry 11

Wynter’s Wish (Babyloss & Bereavement Support Charity)

Submitted by - Gary Andrews

About Wynter's Wish
In 2019 Sarah & Gary, founders of the charity experienced what no parent should ever have to face, that was the death of their first born daughter 'Wynter' just 23 minutes after she was born. Following Wynter's death, their was an overwhelming desire to help others who faced similar pain and heartache.Wynter's Wish is now a bereavement charity for those affected by baby, child and pregnancy loss of any kind.


What would branding a bus mean to your organisation?
As a bereaved family we are always looking for ways to keep our daughters memory alive. We named our charity in her name and watching our little charity blossom and grow gives us hope and strength. As a charity we have published our own illustrated children’s story, designed to comfort bereaved families and help younger readers to process their grief. We would be so honoured to work with the Oxford bus company and display our whimsical beautiful illustrations from our book on your bus. The images will make people smile, but at the same time breaking the silence around baby, child and pregnancy loss.

Entry 12

Berinsfield voluntary day centre

Submitted by - Aimee Hunt

About Berinsfield voluntary day centre
We meet twice a week for the elderly of our areas to help them socialise and engage in activities, they are provided tea and coffee while they talk amongst friends.


What would branding a bus mean to your organisation?
We would be able to reach out to more members to encourage them to attend and stop them being so isolated. It would mean the world to us.

Entry 13

Oxfordshire Foster Care Association

Submitted by - Stacey Green

About Oxfordshire Foster Care Association
We are foster carers who run the association to support other foster carers and their families.
We also fundraise and provide activities for disadvantaged children in our care.
We work alongside but not for Oxfordshire County Council.


What would branding a bus mean to your organisation?
It would be great promotion for our charity which could also lead to more people coming forward to enquire about foster care as there is a desperate need for more carers.

Entry 14


Submitted by - Molly Billingsley

About Byhp
Take a minute to imagine being a young person who could be facing:

  • Educational concerns
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Suicidal Thoughts
  • Social Media Pressures
  • Body Image Issues
  • Self-Harm Tendencies
  • Relationship issues
  • Unknown fears

Byhp provides a range of specialist interventions offering support, advice and guidance to young people 13-25, and their families, facing known route causes of youth homelessness. Those that are at risk of NEET, relationship breakdowns, or with mental health and therapeutic needs. We work with over 400 young people per year within North Oxfordshire and surrounding areas.

Byhp’s Mission is to improve the well-being and opportunities of every young person we work with, through our specialist interventions and personalised support, to prevent youth homelessness.

Our Vision is to be able to ensure that every young person has access to support for independent growth in addressing the barriers that prevent them from thriving and leading fulfilling lives. 


What would branding a bus mean to your organisation?
BYHP was officially formed as Banbury Young Homelessness Project in 1995 - and since then life has changed big time. We’ve grown our services for young people so that now we’re all about preventing homelessness by tackling its root causes. This May we showed off our new rebrand. We felt it was right for an image makeover - so we can appeal more (and communicate better) with young people. To achieve this, we’ve developed a new logo and a new strapline, which we feel is a much more accurate expression of what we’re at today. Furthermore, it has given us a opportunity to show that “today the accent is very much concentrating on prevention, and this means that Young People can access our Mental Health support service, Family breakdown, via mediation, and employability schemes” - Patrick Vercoe, our Chief Executive. With the 2022 reveal of our new brand, we would love the opportunity to promote our new image across Oxfordshire, to raise awareness of our services so that parents, schools, health services and the young people themselves know how to make a referral for 1-1 or group support.

Brand the Bus could help us spread awareness and help us fund a new NEET (not in education, employment or training) project, aimed at 13-18-year-olds. The provision would involve 1-1 outreach work within local schools, colleges and at home, The sessions would be tailored around each individual's needs, however, could be focused around will be focused around topics such as resilience, goal planning, AQA, engagement in services, career planning and access alternative provision. Promoting our NEET and Mental health services across Brand the Bus would be the right target audience to make young people aware of the available support with buses being one of the most popular/affordable forms of transport for young people across Oxfordshire.

Entry 15

Island Farm Donkey Sanctuary

Submitted by - Simon Mulvany

About Island Farm Donkey Sanctuary
The sanctuary care for abused and ill-treated donkeys and work tirelessly to ensure that the 150+ donkeys have a safe and happy environment to thrive in. The staff and volunteers work around the clock caring for these gorgeous animals and any one who visits can see the happy donkeys free to live their best life.


What would branding a bus mean to your organisation?
Promoting this worthy cause would help in getting more visitors into the sanctuary, no admission fee is required for visitors so the team rely on the generosity of the public. This opportunity to promote them would ensure that the sanctuary can care for these animals and provide a thoroughly worthwhile visitors attraction in the local area.

Entry 16

MacIntyre, No Limits, MAP College

Submitted by - Otilia Stefan

About MacIntyre, No Limits, MAP College
MacIntyre is a national charity that supports people with autism and other learning disabilities to create meaningful, passionate lives. Its educational branch, No Limits, offers young people access to Further Education in a specialised, secure environment, where mainstream education cannot meet their unique needs.

MAP college is located in Abingdon. It started 10 years ago with a group of devoted people who made a difference by providing bespoke education in a small cabin on the campus grounds. It has since transformed into a beautiful wooden building, a space for students to express their individuality whilst pursuing their interests and becoming active members of their local community.

Our educational programmes are person-centred, ensuring that we keep the student's interests, passions and well-being at the heart of everything we do. We support learners in developing the skills to live as independently as possible and confidently transform aspects of their daily life.


What would branding a bus mean to your organisation?
Branding the bus would increase opportunities for more students with special needs across Oxfordshire to access Further Education in a service that celebrates their individuality! It would represent having the means and resources to offer education access to learners who would not have had the chance to continue their personal and academic progression!

MAP's "Independent Living Skills" course is intensely focused on community access and establishing positive connections within society. We support students at home and in their local community to become active participants in their local communities.

This opportunity would mean strengthening this relationship and promoting ourselves to local businesses, which could provide the learners with volunteering and work experience opportunities to prepare for adulthood.

It would mean promoting our values shaped by the visionary belief of our founder, who believed in the learning potential of people with learning disabilities, their value as individuals, their right to equality and their importance to society.

We aim to spread awareness about MAP college and inform the public about our work, hoping to ignite interest in genuinely making a positive difference in young people's lives so that we can expand our fantastic team of Community Learning Facilitators!

We all want to live in the place we call home, with the people and things that we love, in communities where we look out for one another, doing the things that matter to us. #socialcarefuture

Entry 17


Submitted by - Andrew Baker MBE BCAv

About Play2Give
Play2Give is an award winning fundraising organisation founded by Didcot's Andrew Baker MBE BCAv in 2007. Changing transforming and saving lives across Oxfordshire with a particular focus on children, health and disability charities. Play2Give organises a wide catalogue of year round events, stalls and more to raise funds for local causes including Oxford Children's Hospital, Headway Oxfordshire, SSNAP, Footsteps and more. They also run Sleigh2Give, their festive arm which spreads cheer joy and smiles through Christmas presents to the less fortunate, vulnerable and children in hospital.


What would branding a bus mean to your organisation?
It would give Play2Give more awareness, especially county wide as we are already well known in Didcot where we were born. It would mean greater exposure and hopefully a catchy bus branding which could include football as we were born out of a football tournament to raise money. But it would also generate additional income into our organisation meaning we can do even more.

Entry 18


Submitted by - Jane Rendle

About ARCh
ARCh is an award winning Oxfordshire charity, established in 2008. Since that time we have helped thousands of children develop a life enhancing love of reading via a network of trained, resourced and supported volunteers.

Books transport children to different worlds and ARCh has an amazing impact on a child. After a year’s ARCh support of twice weekly “happy reading” sessions with their ARCh volunteer, children improve in reading ability and communication skills and and display increased confidence/self-esteem.

We ensure that every ARCh volunteer enjoys their role and gains as much from their experience as the children do! Volunteers and children frequently tell us that their ARCh time is the highlight of their week!

ARCh Reader Sandra says “ I always leave school with a smile on my face. ARCh is a very rewarding charity to work with and the ARCh back-up team supports volunteers so well.”


What would branding a bus mean to your organisation?
There are so many benefits of ARCh for children and volunteers alike, it is a win/win experience and can be life-changing for both parties.

We will soon be celebrating 15 years of working in Oxfordshire and we are calling on people throughout communities (residents, students, businesses etc ) to get involved this year in inspiring local children to develop a love of reading which will enhance their lives at schools and beyond.

Following the pandemic with all the disruption to schooling and social lives, ARCh support has never been more needed.

As a small local charity we do not have a budget for advertising. Being featured on an Oxford bus would spread the word about our work.

We would be so proud to see ARCh emblazoned on an Oxford bus! It would be the perfect 15th birthday gift for the charity!

Please vote for ARCh help us help more children on their reading journey and onto happy successful lives!

Entry 19

Ronald McDonald House Charities UK

Submitted by - Nathan Swift

About Ronald McDonald House Charities UK
Ronald McDonald House Charities UK provides FREE 'Home from Home' accommodation for families whilst their child is in the Oxford Children's Hospital and Neonatal wards. We ensure that parents are close to their child's bedside, and they have everything they need to look after themselves for the duration of their child's treatment; be that days, weeks, months or even years. Mums of premature newborns are only 5 minutes from their baby. We save families the cost of finding nearby accommodation, and provide support and peace of mind. In 2021 we looked after 535 families with an average stay of 16 nights. Our longest stay was 169 nights. These numbers have increased through 2022, along with demand, so our principle concern is keeping the doors open and lights on for families that need us.


What would branding a bus mean to your organisation?
One of our biggest challenges is awareness. People don't know who we are or what we do, until we are needed. We have had a House at the Oxford Children's Hospital since 2007, but it only had 17 bedrooms. In November 2018 we started work on our new 62 Bedroom House at a cost of £15M. We received the keys in March 2020, then went into lock down. Because of that we have never had an official opening, or made a huge fuss about what we do. We just simply do it. Families are given an en-suite room for as long as they need it, along with kitchen and laundry facilities. We give them everything they need to look after themselves and remove the cost and stress of finding somewhere to stay, or commuting on a daily basis. Parents will sleep in their car, or a corridor so that they can be close to their child; this is not sustainable for any length of time. We make sure they don't have to consider that as an option. A newborn mother cannot be away from her baby. we work alongside SSNAP to ensure that they are looked after, whilst the hospital cares for their child. The exposure of being on one of your buses would be an incredible way of letting the good people of Oxford know we are here, and looking after them, and encourage them to find out more. It costs us £1550 a day to run our House, so there is a constant need for fundraising, and support is invaluable to us. Although we are a National Charity, the Oxford House is very much a local entity, and one we are extremely proud of. Your consideration would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks, Nathan.


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