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  • Botley Road CLOSURE

    11th Apr 2023 onwards

    Until the end of October 2024, the section of Botley Road that passes underneath the rail bridge near Oxford Rail Station will be closed to motor vehicle traffic, including buses. The following services are affected by the bridge closure: BROOKESbus400/U1, city3B, city4A, connector 33 and Thames Travel 63/63S. Full details can be found using the link below.

  • Seacourt Park & Ride stop on Botley Road Temporarily SUSPENDED

    15th - 19th Apr 2024

    Due to roadworks, the Seacourt Park & Ride stop on Botley Road (outside Wickes), will be temporarily suspended between 16/04 and 19/04. No temporary stop will be provided due to location, the nearest alternative stop would be the Minns Industrial Estate.

Route map

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Service 63Service 63Service 63Service 63Service 63Service 63Service 63SService 63
Oxford, Osney Island 09:00 10:00 11:00 12:00 13:00 14:00 15:00 17:49
Botley, Westminster Way 15:08
Elms Rise, Matthew Arnold School 15:22
Botley, Elms Parade Shops 09:07 10:07 11:07 12:07 13:07 14:07 17:58
Dean Court, Pinnocks Way 09:10 10:10 11:10 12:10 13:10 14:10 18:02
Cumnor, Glebe Road 10:18 11:18 13:18 15:27 18:10
Appleton, Post Office 10:25 11:25 13:25 15:35 18:17
Fyfield, Old Forge 13:32 15:44 18:26
Tubney, Linkside Cottages 15:47
Longworth, Bowbank Close 10:37 11:37 13:39
Hinton Waldrist, Bus Shelter 13:43
Southmoor, Latton Close 13:50
Kingston Bagpuize, School Lane 13:51
Kingston Bagpuize, School Lane 15:57 18:30
Southmoor, Latton Close 18:31
Hinton Waldrist, Bus Shelter 18:38
Longworth, Bowbank Close 18:41

The times shown for 'Major Stops' are also known as 'Timing Points' which we use to regulate the service. These are the stops drivers will wait at if the bus arrives ahead of time. The times shown for all other stops are estimated, and drivers will not wait if arriving earlier. For this reason, we strongly recommend arriving at your stop around 5 minutes ahead of time.

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