Benefits of bus travel

Benefits of bus travel

At Oxford Bus Company, we are dedicated to enhancing the benefits of bus travel and ensuring we have a positive impact far beyond getting people from point A to point B. 

Read on to discover a summary of why you should consider hopping on a bus for your next journey. 

To download the full article, click here: OBC - Benefits of Bus Travel PDF (505 KB). 

Environmental benefits 

Reduced emissions and cleaner air 

40,000 deaths per year in the UK are linked to harmful vehicle emissions such as carbon monoxide (CO), carbon dioxide (CO2), and nitrogen oxides (NOx).

Our average Oxford bus emits 23% less carbon per passenger kilometre than the average UK bus, largely because we have one of the highest percentages of electric-hybrid buses in a UK bus fleet.  

Low carbon footprint 

Taking a bus instead of a car can help cut your (travel) carbon emissions (per passenger km) by 38%. For a bus carrying 40 people, this figure rises to 80%.

To see how much you could reduce carbon emissions by choosing the bus over driving, visit our Journey Planner: Plan your journey.

Reducing congestion: fewer cars on the road 

In 2018, 62% of car journeys were made by single drivers with no passengers. 

If each of our buses were used to 50% capacity, an estimated 24.7 cars would be removed from the road per bus. Similarly, if used to 100% capacity, 50 cars would be taken off the road, freeing up 200m of road space per bus.

Taking the bus removes cars from the road!

Economic benefits 

Cheaper travel 

Bus travel is generally more affordable than driving, especially when considering fuel costs, parking fees, and vehicle maintenance. 

We offer a variety of zone tickets that make it easy to do more, see more, and experience more, for less. 

Find out more about our tickets: Fares & tickets. 

Access to employment

Bus travel is important for those trying to re-enter the workforce: 77% of jobseekers don’t have access to a car, and 40% of unemployed people say a lack of transport has inhibited them from getting a job. 

Bus companies also employ thousands of people across the country in a variety of roles.

Explore our job vacancies and careers: Jobs.

Social benefits 

Community mobility and involvement 

Bus travel can improve community mobility by providing direct links to other communities and areas where there are opportunities such as jobs, education, healthcare, shopping, social gatherings, and more.

Explore our services: Times & maps. 

Tackling loneliness 

Tackling loneliness is important to us, and we are proud of the role we play in connecting people and providing links to education, employment, healthcare, and other social services.

Through a series of ‘Chatty Bus’ events, Oxford Bus Company has demonstrated the important role that buses can have in battling loneliness among elderly people in our community.

Attendees of a ‘Chatty Bus Day Out’ in March enjoyed free bus travel to Oxford and a complimentary open-top bus tour around the city.
Attendees of a ‘Chatty Bus Day Out’ in March 2023 enjoyed free bus travel to Oxford and a complimentary open-top bus tour.

Health & wellbeing benefits 

There are also many health and wellbeing benefits to bus travel: 

  • Bus services provide a highly accessible link to healthcare and health centres.
  • Research shows commuters typically report better psychological wellbeing after travelling by public transport compared to driving. 
  • Walking to and from the bus stop can be an effective way to get active and reach your daily step goal.