Oxford Bus Company is built on a solid foundation of principles and ethics. At the centre of this is our vision statement:

One team, delivering an ever-improving customer experience.

We deliver this through applying our 5 values, which are summarised below.

Our 5 Core Values

  • Continued Success

    For Oxford Bus Company to be continually successful, we cannot stand still. We must constantly strive to change, innovate and move forward, with perfection as our ultimate aim.

  • Customer Focussed

    Delivering excellent customer service every day is at the very heart of what we do. The more we understand our customers, the better the service we can provide, meaning customers will choose our services again and again.

  • Embracing Diversity

    We recognise the value of a diverse workforce and the differing communities in which we operate. Differences in age, race, gender, nationality, sexual orientation, physical ability, thinking style and background bring richness to our business.

  • Socially Responsible

    We operate in many different estates, towns and cities, and have an impact on all of them. At Oxford Bus Company we are proud to say we are always giving back to the people we serve, as well as the environment.

  • Working as a Team

    We are one team, although we all have our own parts to play. Working together makes the delivery of our very complex bus operation easier for all, and mutual trust across the whole business is key to being a strong team.