Bus travel guidance

Illustration reading 'Bus travel guidance'

When you travel, please follow our COVID-19 bus travel guidance to help keep you and our colleagues safe.

Illustration showing an unwell man

Don’t travel unwell

If you feel unwell, please don’t travel. If you have coronavirus-like symptoms, stay at home and call 119 if you need help.

Illustration of a man wearing a face mask

Face covering

Following the government advice, from 30th November 2021, wearing face coverings is mandatory when using public transport.

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Illustration of a credit card

Avoid cash payment

Pay by contactless, Freeflow, the key or the app if you can. If you need to use cash, try to have the right change.

Illustration showing an open window

Help the ventilation

Please keep the windows opened if it’s possible to help ventilation on-board the bus.

Illustration showing a person sat in a seat

Seat safely

All seats are now available for use - however, please respect other passengers' personal space. 
If you don't need to sit directly next to or facing another passenger, try to avoid doing so.

Illustration of a newspaper being carried under an arm

Take your newspaper with you

Take your Metro newspaper with you when you leave the bus.

Illustration of handwashing

Wash your hands

Keep practising good hand hygiene. 
Carry hand sanitiser and clean your hands regularly.