Shakespeare's Rose Theatre at Blenheim Palace

Monday 8th July - Saturday 7th September

More than 400 years ago, the first audiences for Shakespeare’s plays enjoyed an experience that was as intimate as it was exciting, crowded in close to the actors and the action, in a small theatre in the bustling city of London. In Shakespeare’s Rose Theatre an experience every bit as exciting, intimate and immersive will be offered to today’s audience. The dramatic playhouse setting will pop-up in the glorious grounds of ‘Britain’s Greatest Palace’ at Blenheim Palace.

Outside the theatre, visitors can experience a vibrant, free-to-enter Shakespearean village, offering the finest Oxfordshire based food and drinks housed in oak-framed, reed-thatched buildings, an array of ‘wagon’ entertainment, minstrels and a stunning Elizabethan garden with ornate box-edged beds of cottage flowers, roses and herbs.

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Blenheim Palace, Woodstock

Your special late night park&ride500 Shakespeare service runs from Blenheim Palace grounds to Oxford Railway Station (calling at Kidlington, Oxford Parkway, Pear Tree P&R, Summertown shops, and George Street).

Enjoy a lovely second glass, relax and be enchanted by your Shakespeare experience. No need to drive, as we'll get you safely home!

Your special late night bus service costs £9 return or £7 single.


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