Oxford Castle

A fun family destination located close to the city centre. Your children will have a great time on a guided tour of the castle. Take a guided tour around the Castle and let the characters reveal their fascinating stories entrenched in the building’s 1,000 year history. There are a number of restaurants located in the Oxford Castle Quarter, perfect for lunch or dinner. The Oxford Castle is also very close to Westgate Shopping Centre.

  • Oxford Castle

Your nearest bus stops:

High Street (L2):

  • cityX3/X13: Oxford City Centre/Rail Station, Redbridge park&ride and Abingdon.
  • BROOKESbusU5: Oxford City Centre to Marston via Cowley Road and Headington.

High Street (L3):

  • city3: Rose Hill, Iffley Road and Oxford City Centre. Also serving Littlemore, Sandford-on-Thames and Oxford Science Park and Kassam Stadium.
  • city8/9: Barton (city8), Risinghurst (city9), Headington and Oxford City Centre.

Magdalen Street (C6):

  • city2: Kidlington, Summertown, Banbury Road and Oxford City Centre.
  • city6: Wolvercote, Woodstock Road and Oxford City Centre.

Westgate (E4):

  • park&ride300: Redbridge, Oxford City Centre and Pear Tree Park & Ride.

Westgate (E5):

  • park&ride400: Seacourt, Oxford City Centre and Thornhill.

Westgate (E6):

  • city4: Wood Farm, Morrell Avenue, Oxford City Centre, Botley, Dean Court, Cumnor and Abingdon.

Westgate (E7):

  • BROOKESbusU1: Harcourt Hill Campus to Wheatley Campus via Oxford City Centre and Headington.

Westgate (E8):

  • city5: Blackbird Leys, Cowley, Oxford City Centre and Rail Station.