22nd - 23rd June

Bring your imagination and take a tumbling down the rabbit hole to find our absurd Mad Hatter & March Hare still sipping tea and swapping seats. Wander through Wonderland as our eccentric yet charming pair re-tell the tales of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland…with more costume changes than you could shake a croquet stick at! Encounter the grinning Cheshire Cat, the furious Queen of Hearts, a nervous White Rabbit and an all-knowing Caterpillar, with escapades, a jam tart treasure hunt, a Lobster Quadrille and games galore.

WhatNot Theatre brings all the fun and foolishness in their award winning show, Tea Time with Hatter & Hare. This is a relaxed performance, accessible and suitable for all the family involving audience participation from the comfort of your own blanket.


Prices start from £12.00

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