Corporate and Social Responsibility

Our buses are LEZ compliant.

In January 2014, Oxfordshire County Council implemented a Low Emission Zone (LEZ) in Oxford City Centre. This means that all buses operating within the LEZ have to meet the highest ‘Euro V’ standards for NOx (oxides of Nitrogen). Oxford Bus Company was fully compliant, even prior to the introduction of the LEZ and now has a growing number of Euro VI buses and coaches as well.

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Providing greener travel options for Oxford.

Oxford Bus Company aims to provide the best possible service to the people of Oxford whilst minimising our environmental impact on the historic city. We now have one of the highest percentages of electric-hybrid buses in a bus fleet in the UK. 

We feel this goes a great way to achieving our aim.

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2015 Corporate and Social Responsibility Report (PDF, 3MB)

2016 Corporate and Social Responsibility Report (PDF, 4.6MB)