13th July

Get carried away in puppeteer Emma Boor's luggage of well-loved tales, jam-packed with puppets, music, silliness and joining in. Each month features a different story.

Bringing Puppet Stories to life, from a Suitcase! Join Emma Boor as she unpacks some puppet fun with ‘Suitcase Stories’ to delight young children and their families! You will get carried away in Emma’s luggage of well-loved tales, that are jam-packed with puppets, music, silliness and joining in! Maybe you will help the Three Bears make some porridge, or help pull up an Enormous Turnip, or why not make a wish with the Golden Fish? Whatever the story, it will be full of puppetry, play and fun, for you and your little one! Book now in CASE you miss out!

Ages 2+
Sessions run 11:00-12:00

Under 1's are free, but will require a 'lap' ticket, which can either by booked in advance by calling us, or on arrival by informing a staff member at the Welcome Desk.


Prices start from £10.00

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