• New ticket machines!

    From Sunday 19th March 2017, we'll be upgrading our ticket machines so that we can bring you more convenience and flexibility when you travel with us.

The new machines are also contactless payment ready, which means that in the coming weeks you'll be able to to pay with your contactless Visa or Mastercard, as well as Apple Pay and Android Pay devices! Keep an eye out on the bus or our facebook page for more details.

You'll also notice that our 24 hour, 72 hour and weekly paper tickets include a printed 'quick response' (QR) code. When you board the bus, the QR can be quickly and easily scanned as illustrated below.

If you use a key card or concessionary pass, the area where you tap your card will look slightly different, but will work exactly the same way as it does now. Please see below for an illustration of this, and don't hesitate to ask your driver if you need assistance.

Please note that Thames Travel will be upgrading their machines a week later.

  • How to use the new machines

    The illustration above shows you where the scanner and card reader are located.