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  • Service Cancellations 23/08/2022

    23rd Aug 2022

    Due to operational issues the following services will be unable to operate today:

    From Westgate 1012/1112/1212/1312/1412/1512/1935/2045/2115/2145/2245/2345
    From Rose Hill 1042/1142/1242/1342/1442/1540/2035/2118/2148/2218/2318
    From Rail Station 0635/0714/0724/0754/0844/0854/0934/0952/1019/1029/1109/1129/1159/1239/1259/1407/1426/1456/1546/1606/1636/1706/1726/1816/1846/1906/2010/2025/2042/2140/2300
    From Blackbird Leys 0550/0632/0704/0745/0756/0826/0919/0929/1008/1026/1103/1143/1203/1233/1313/1333/1444/1506/1536/1626/1716/1746/1806/1848/1917/1937/2041/2110/2211
    From Magdalen Street 1510/1555/1640/1725/1810
    From Wolvercote 1528/1658/1743/1828
    From Westgate 0555/0635/0655/0812/0857/0926/1011/1041/1126/1156/1241/1356/1511/1626/1741/1852/2000/2100/2200/2300
    From Barton 0524/0601/0621/0655/0722/0804/0835/0921/0951/1036/1106/1151/1221/1306/1421/1537/1654/1809/1919/2019/2119/2219
    From JR Hospital 0528/0608/0705/0745/0929/1029 (will terminate at Queens Lane)/1109/1149 (will terminate at Queens Lane)/1209/1249/1329 (will commence from Queens Lane)/1429/1608/1748
    From Rail Station 0615/0655/0750/0830/0935/1015 (will terminate at Queens Lane)/1115 (will commence at Queens Lane)/1155 (will commence from Queens Lane)/1235/1255 (will commence from Queens Lane)/1335/1515/1653/1833
    From Police Station 0645/0755/0836/0904/0942/1006/1042/1106/1142/1206/1242/1306/1406/1506/1624/1650/1729/1755/1834/1900/2010/2030/2130/2230/2330
    From Wood Farm 0620/0720/0826/0912/0936/1012/1036/1112/1136/1212/1236/1312/1336/1436/1657/1723/1802/1830/1940/2100/2200/2300
    From Barton 0643/0923/1647/1707/1945/2145
    From Abingdon 0550/0756/1536/1813/1835/2030/2300
    From Westgate 0936/1058/1910/2035/2110/2235/2310
    From Abingdon 1019/1945/2053/2145/2253
    400 Park & Ride
    From Seacourt 0910/1050/1220/1350 (will terminate at Queens Lane)/1524/1702/1840
    From Thornhill 0820/1002/1135/1435/1613/1751

    We apologise for the inconvenience caused.

Route map

Unfortunately, this map isn't supported on your browser. Please check that you are using a supported browser (such as Firefox) and that WebGL is enabled.
Sorry, this service does not run in this direction on the provided date.

The times shown for 'Major Stops' are also known as 'Timing Points' which we use to regulate the service. These are the stops drivers will wait at if the bus arrives ahead of time. The times shown for all other stops are estimated, and drivers will not wait if arriving earlier. For this reason, we strongly recommend arriving at your stop around 5 minutes ahead of time.

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