Queen Street Closure (21st May 2017 - further notice)

Queen Street in Oxford City Centre will once again be closed from Monday 22nd May 2017 until further notice. This will mean that several of our services will be affected, with necessary adjustments to timetables being made from Sunday 21st May 2017. Some of our current stopping arrangements will also need to change from that date.

Which services will be affected?

The city3/3A, cityX3/X13, city8, city9, city35 and park&ride300 timetables and stops will be revised, with city13 temporarily being removed. The city5 service will continue to provide a connection to the Rail Station.


With Queen Street closed, Bonn Square will not be accessible. Please use the temporary stop D5 outside the entrance to the Covered Market at the top of the High Street. Alternatively you may board the city3/3A at Speedwell Street stop S1.

Temporary city3/3A timetable (314KB PDF)

Temporary city3/3A route and stops (194KB PDF)


Unfortunately, with no access to Queen Street, our cityX3 and city13 will be unable to serve Oxford Rail Station in order to maintain the high frequency of the service. As such, cityX3 buses will replace the city13 services and operate direct to John Radcliffe Hospital via Headley Way, while cityX13 will run via Northway (see timetable for details).

Passengers wishing to travel from Abingdon to the Rail Station are advised to hop off at St Aldates Police Station and change onto our city5, which operates from Speedwell Street stop S1 (a short walk away). Your ticket to the Rail Station will be accepted on the city5 service. 

Temporary cityX3/X13 timetable (851KB PDF)

Temporary cityX3/X13 route and stops (198KB PDF)


The stop on Castle Street or Queen Street will not be served during this closure. Alternative boarding points will be Speedwell Street S2, or the temporary stop G0 on St Aldates (near Pembroke Square).

Temporary city8/9 timetable (633KB PDF)

Temporary city8/9 route and stops (154KB PDF)


During the time of this closure, city35 will be operating to a slightly amended timetable, dropping off in St Aldates instead of Castle Street. You will now also be able to board the service towards Abingdon at stop J3 on the High Street (near Queens Lane). St Aldates stop H3 will still be served as normal.

Temporary city35 timetable (202KB PDF)

Temporary city35 route and stops (138KB PDF)


During the time of this closure, our park&ride300 timetable will unfortunately need to operate as a split service that terminates in the city. This means that buses will be unable to serve New Road and George Street.

The park&ride300 from Redbridge will operate via one of two routes (depending on traffic): Abingdon Road, St Aldates, High Street, the Plain and return to St Aldates, or: Donnington Bridge, Iffley Road, High Street to St Aldates. The return journey will remain the same from St Aldates.

Services towards Pear Tree will operate from Magdalen Street as normal.

Temporary park&ride300 timetable (73KB PDF)

Temporary park&ride300 route and stops (122KB PDF)

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.