Season ticket parking add-on

park&ride: Season ticket parking add-on

Great news for park&ride bus season ticket users! From 26th January 2022, you’re able to add parking to your ticket.

The car parking ‘add-on’ enables you to park as many times as you like at any of Oxford’s five Park&Ride sites for the duration of your season bus ticket.

Car parking 'add-ons' will save you money and time! They can be purchased whenever you buy a cityzone or Oxford SmartZone period ticket on the key smartcard from The parking add-ons are available in 4-week, 13-week and 52-week variants. Your vehicle registration will be entered at the time of purchase and will then be added automatically to Oxford City Council's database so the system knows you have paid.

Ticket duration

Parking add-on price

4 weeks


13 weeks


52 weeks


This new functionality has been jointly funded by Oxford Bus Company, Oxford City Council and Oxfordshire County Council and we have worked closely with our partners at Oxford Direct Services to make sure this will work seamlessly with their electronic parking systems.