• Temporary changes to cityX3/X13/13 and BROOKESbusU5 from 13th and 14th May 2018

    From Sunday 13th and Monday 14th May 2018, cityX3/X13/13 and BROOKESbusU5 timetables and routes will be temporarily revised due to the severe congestion expected during the Headley Way roadworks.

As part of the Access to Headington traffic management scheme, roadworks will start on Headley Way on Monday 14th May 2018 and continue until the autumn. Any roadworks on Headley Way are likely to cause traffic congestion, due to being a busy suburban access route and forming part of the main access to the John Radcliffe Hospital. In this case the road-works are significant, involving the removal of traffic islands and roundabouts and therefore the congestion and resultant traffic delays are likely to be severe.


Our cityX3/X13/13 services are inter-worked and inter-linked with services operating between Abingdon and John Radcliffe Hospital both directly via St Aldates and indirectly via Oxford Rail Station, running from Marston and Northway via Headley Way. In order to enable us to provide a regular and reliable service between Abingdon and Oxford and between John Radcliffe Hospital, Northway, Marston and Oxford City Centre, the two routes will be separated from Sunday 13th May 2018.

Additional running time will be required for the Marston and John Radcliffe Hospital route and there will also be additional time needed for both services to operate their route around central Oxford in order to turn. We will be putting extra resources into the operation but unfortunately the revised arrangements will mean that neither cityX3 nor city13 buses will be able to serve Oxford Rail Station. As such, passengers who wish to cross the City Centre or access the Rail Station or access Brookes Headington campus will need to change buses in the City Centre. 

Our services will therefore operate as follows:

  • cityX3 buses to and from Abingdon will run via St Aldates and High Street on Mondays-Fridays and Saturdays.
  • city13 buses from John Radcliffe Hospital will run via Northway and in the city centre via High Street and St Aldates on Mondays-Fridays and Saturdays.. city13 services will be unable to serve Ewin Close stops in both directions.
  • cityX13 will operate on Sundays only, meaning that temporarily we will be unable to serve the usual Brookes University stops on Mondays-Fridays and Saturdays.


As a result of these changes, there will be no direct services between Abingdon and the John Radcliffe Hospital or Abingdon and Headington on Monday-Friday and Saturday. To help reduce inconvenience, special tickets have been made available for customers wishing to make these journeys. Ask your driver for a through ticket and you can change in the city centre onto a park&ride400 service, BROOKESbusU1 service, or a city8/city9 service (Oxford Bus Company services only). Your ticket will be valid as far as Headington Shops.


From Monday 14th May 2018 our BROOKESbusU5 services will be truncating at Clive Booth Hall - turning via a reverse at the top of John Garne Way. During these roadworks, all of the times between Oxford City Centre and Brookes University are unchanged, however, BROOKESbusU5 services will not do the loop past the JR Hospital and will avoid Headley Way altogether.  

At this stage it is not possible to predict how long the revised routes will be in place but it is likely to be for at least 4-6 weeks. We will however, return to our normal pattern of services as soon as conditions allow. 

PDF - BROOKESbusU5/U5X Semester Timetable - Valid from 14th May 2018 (PDF, 97KB)

PNG - BROOKESbusU5/U5X Semester Timetable - Valid from 14th May 2018 (PNG, 319KB)

PDF - BROOKESbusU5/U5X Vacation Timetable - Valid from 21st May 2018 (PDF, 90KB)

PNG - BROOKESbusU5/U5X Vacation Timetable - Valid from 21st May 2018 (PNG, 146KB)

We apologise for any inconvenience during this period of disruption.

Update from September 2018

From Sunday 2nd September 2018, we will replace the split services city13 and cityX3 on Sundays with the pre 13 May 2018 cityX13 service. This change is due to the Headley Way delays on Sunday becoming more manageable for our services. 

As the current split service effectively overlaps between The Plain and St Aldates we are reinstating the through service and hope that the reliability will improve.

Please view the timetable below for details.

cityX3/X13/13 timetable - Valid from 2nd September 2018 (PDF, 407KB)

cityX3/X13/13 timetable - Valid from 2nd September 2018 (PNG, 1.3MB)