New website features

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We have combined websites with our sister company Thames Travel!

You can now find everything for Oxford Bus Company and Thames Travel in one place.

Have you seen the improvements we've made?

Mobile tickets

You can now buy your ticket online to be sent straight to our app on your mobile!

Plan your journey

Not sure how to get to your destination? We've got you covered! Use our journey planner and we will tell you which service you need, the next departures and your journey time.

Energy saving

Energy saving stats

When planning your journey, we will let you know how much energy you will save by taking the bus, instead of driving. 

Multi operator information

Departure times and timetables are also available for the other bus companies operating in the area!

Live departures

You can now view exactly where your bus is and how busy it is, on the website.


Make the site personalised to you by logging in to your account. You can now mark your regular bus stops, journeys and timetables as a favourite, making everything easier and convenient for you.

Service updates

This one’s last because no one likes disruptions to their journeys, but we're pleased to say that we made improvements to the way service updates are displayed, making sure you don't miss important information potentially affecting your journeys.