Connecting Rose Hill, Iffley Road and Matthew Arnold School, schooldays only.

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We've been able to work together with the community in Kennington, and Oxfordshire County Council to continue the school service 35A for the 2021/22 academic year. Two vehicles will be operating on this route each day.

Please note that our normal range of tickets are not valid on the 35A service for travel to and from Kennington, and children wishing to use the service must have one of our cityzone + 35A term or annual passes to access the service. These can be purchased here. Children from South Hinksey wishing to use the service will have their tickets provided by Oxfordshire County Council.

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Connecting Longworth, Hinton Waldrist, Southmoor, Kingston Bagpuize, Tubney, Fyfield, Appleton, Cumnor and Matthew Arnold School, schooldays only.

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