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The entries for our 2020-2021 'Brand the Bus!' competition are shown here.

01: Oxford Together On Climate Change (Rose Hill & Iffley Low Carbon Group)

Please vote to brand the bus with Oxford Together on Climate Change. We’re a coalition of Oxford groups that take practical action on the climate emergency. We don’t just want to preach to the converted. We want to include everyone in the shift to sustainable living - and that’s where the bus comes in. If we win, all Oxford residents will see the seven simple actions below. We hope that these messages will reach people outside the green bubble, so that taking action on climate change becomes normal for all of us. In the film, we asked seven Rose Hill residents how they’re already changing the way they live. Here are some practical things they do: walk, cycle or use the bus; eat more local food and less meat; plant trees; save energy in the home with better insulation; support renewable energy and switch to a green energy tariff; repair, re-use and re-cycle - and buy less stuff; talk to family and friends about climate change. Most people worry about the changing climate, yet feel their actions won’t make a difference. But if we all act together, we can still save our lovely world for present and future generations. Please vote to get this urgent message on the bus! This entry was submitted by Eleanor Watts.


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02: Helen & Douglas House

Please vote for Helen & Douglas House children’s hospice in the ‘Brand the Bus!’ competition. We are a local charity, based in Oxford, who care for terminally ill babies, children and teenagers. Our care is provided at our hospice, in a child's home and also in hospital. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, we have continued to care for our families by adapting and offering more support at home. This has ensured that we can be there for them, whenever and wherever we are needed to help avoid a crisis. Since we opened in 1982, as the world’s first children's hospice, we have helped many local families cope with the challenges of looking after a terminally ill child who will die prematurely. We are a home-from-home for local terminally ill children and their families and provide round-the-clock care in a warm, loving environment. It costs £3.6 million a year for our charity to care for local terminally ill children and 85% of that funding comes from supporters like you. But we need to get the message out there to encourage more people to support us. Vote for us and help us win so that we can be featured on the 'Brand the Bus!' vehicle! You'll be raising awareness of your local children's hospice charity and helping us continue to create happy memories for the terminally ill children who we care for, and their families who are facing the devastating loss of a child. Thank you for your support. This entry was submitted by Hannah Ford.


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03: Pancreatic Cancer Action

I have lived in Oxford all my life and in 2011 my world collapsed when my mother, Janet Priest, was diagnosed with this horrific disease (pancreatic cancer). Within just seven weeks of this diagnosis, she died. I then found this charity whilst looking for support and can never thank them enough for not only their support, giving me the strength to turn my grief into helping others but also for believing in me enough to make me an area representative for Oxfordshire. Within the last few years, I have supported over 20 other families in Oxford whose loved ones have sadly been diagnosed and lost their lives to pancreatic cancer. Together with the help of PCA we continuously fundraise and push for more awareness throughout Oxfordshire. We even held our first Oxford “Striding for Survival” event and this has now been confirmed as an annual event. To have Pancreatic Cancer Action emblazoned all over one of Oxford Bus Company’s buses would just be fantastic for more awareness and help us to change the horrific statistics that survival of pancreatic cancer has. This entry was submitted by Kelley Spacey.


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04: Abingdon Riding for the Disabled Group

We all know that buses keep people moving. Did you know that horses can bring even more meaningful freedom of movement to people with disabilities? Abingdon RDA (Riding for the Disabled Association) has been doing just that for the past 45 years: offering specialised horse riding sessions to children and adults with a range of disabilities. Whether it’s the unique physical benefits riding can provide, the sense of independence, or inclusive social opportunities, hundreds of people in Oxfordshire have benefited from our group’s services and achieved huge things: from sitting unaided for the first time, to winning national competitions. Our impact is a real team effort, relying on the generosity of more than 150 local volunteers to fundraise, deliver sessions, and care for our horses. Riding is more than just physiotherapy or a hobby for our participants: it’s a way of nurturing self-esteem, achieving accessible goals, and truly belonging. Our current participants represent a diverse spectrum of disabilities, from cerebral palsy and spina bifida to Down’s syndrome and autism. We often surprise people with how much our riders, who might be blind, deaf, or unable to walk unaided, are able to do in the saddle. We say it’s what you CAN do that counts! Abingdon RDA has faced unprecedented difficulties in 2020: our centre in Southmoor was closed for three months during lockdown; our fundraising calendar has been seriously disrupted; and we are still unable to welcome all of our riders back to sessions due to Covid-19 safety protocol. We have worked hard to keep our group going throughout these challenges (it costs close to £100k each year), and know how important it is to be there for our riders when our gates are fully open again. We would love to ‘Brand the Bus’ this year to show more people about our inspiring, life changing work, and to gain further support from the local community to help keep our wheels (or should we say, hooves?) turning. Abingdon RDA would love your vote! This entry was submitted by Alice Summersbee.


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05: Reducing the Risk

By entering the competition, I haven't used slides. However, I have given an all-out explanation as to why I feel Reducing the Risk deserve the honour of having their details on your bus. In short, this is an amazing charity who support change for vulnerable people within our society who flee domestic abuse. During this awful pandemic, I believe the work this charity does for the community should be advertised on your bus, showing victims that there is help and support out there, helping them feel less isolated. Please read my attached file and consider this amazing charity. This entry was submitted by Fiona Bowler.

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06: Shine Oxford

Shine is the only UK charity providing information and peer support for adults in their 20s, 30s or 40s with a cancer diagnosis. Having cancer affects not only your physical health, but also your career, finances, fertility options, relationships with family, friends and partners, and mental wellbeing. Those we support need a place to feel like themselves and be among others who just get it. Shine Oxford organises friendly, non-judgmental, open and fun events in local pubs, cafes, colleges, bowling alleys and restaurants for anyone in Oxfordshire or nearby. Recently, the coronavirus pandemic has made things difficult, stopping in-person events and severely reducing our fundraising. In response, we have set up regular online meetings, and our members have been able to take part in film clubs, book clubs, quizzes, online coaching and much more! Shine Oxford is entirely volunteer run, by two local cancer survivors. We welcome anyone with a cancer diagnosis whether they are newly diagnosed, receiving ongoing treatment, navigating the return to normal life or learning to live with cancer. We are committed to being a welcoming port in a storm for as many people as possible. Our membership has quadrupled in recent years as we have become better known, but we are still a small charity, with limited resources for marketing. Despite the pandemic, our main goal is to make sure everyone who needs us knows how to find us, which is why the promotional opportunities from Brand the Bus would be invaluable to local people. Coronavirus has taken so much from so many people, but cancer hasn’t stopped. It is an unfortunate reality that cancer treatment and services have been delayed, bringing yet another layer of distress and anxiety to our members. Shine is needed more than ever and, by voting for us, you will help us reach out to those who will benefit from our support. Thank you. This entry was submitted by Samantha Hutton.

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'Brand the Bus!' 2020 vote for your favourite

Once you've checked out all of the great competition entries in the Gallery, you're ready to cast your vote. Remember you only get one vote, so choose carefully who you think most deserves to win! Voting closes at 23:59hrs on 13th December 2020.