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001: BBOWT - The Berks, Bucks & Oxon Wildlife Trust

Vote for Oxford’s WILDEST bus! The Berks, Bucks & Oxon Wildlife Trust protects wildlife across Oxfordshire - from insects and reptiles, to birds and mammals, plants and fungi. We look after nearly 90 nature reserves including 30 in Oxfordshire, protecting and restoring havens for wildlife so that everyone has the chance to benefit from these special places. We are inspiring the next generation to care for wildlife through education programmes and events for all ages, protecting Oxfordshire’s wildlife both within and beyond our reserves now and for the future. Our wildlife is under more threat than ever before so we’re continually looking for more ways to help nature’s recovery. Proudly backed by over 1,800 volunteers, we simply couldn’t do the work that we do without our diverse and talented team. Please help spread awareness of the vital work we are doing by voting for the Berks, Bucks and Oxon Wildlife Trust. If you think everyone should have access to nature, please vote for us today, and help create Oxford’s WILDEST bus! This entry was submitted by Bianca Rush https://www.bbowt.org.uk

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002: OASIS - Oxfordshire Autistic Society Information & Support

For OASIS to win BRAND THE BUS would mean the absolute world. It’s a small charity run by a committee of parents, providing support for parents, carers and families of children on the autistic spectrum & related conditions, such as sensory processing disorder and global development delay.We would love the opportunity to raise as much awareness of autism as is possible, the more we raise awareness the more families we can potentially reach across the county. It would be amazing to reach parents and carers who are either new to their autism journey or further down the path, we’d love to show them they are not on their own, that there are others out there also on the autism journey. OASIS knows it can be such a lonely experience and we aim for families to make long term friendships through the services that we offer. OASIS have monthly coffee and chat session run in Oxford, Abingdon, Didcot, Wantage and Witney, these are very informal drop ins, it’s a place to eat cake, drink coffee and just off load without feeling any kind of judgement. Our members have also said this is one of the best places for first hand experience and they get some great advice. OASIS run annual clinics that we run for free for anyone to gain outside professional support for their individual circumstances. The book lending library is vast and available to members for borrowing at any time, this is kept up to date with new material. OASIS also plan to launch a sensory library this year where by members can try some of the more expensive equipment without any of the expense. One of the main services OASIS provide is playdays during all school holidays, as parents of ASD children we completely understand that the school holidays can be isolating and stressful. This provision is for the whole family unit, it includes parents and siblings so everyone gets involved. OASIS aims to provide a wide range of activities that are both suitable and safe for everyone. OASIS are currently the only organisation that provides this type of support across the whole county. So for OASIS to win BRAND THE BUS would just be totally amazing to our current families we support and the ones we would potentially reach as a result. OASIS have been running for 20 years and will continue to provide support for many more to come. This entry was submitted by Maxine Seddon. http://oasisonline.org.uk

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003: Oxford Hub

Oxford Hub is the centre for social action in Oxford, helping residents make their city better for everyone! Through volunteering, placements, collaboration initiatives and other events, we provide residents with opportunities to make a difference in the community. We'd like to recognise and celebrate the hundreds of volunteers who bus around the city every week. The Hub facilitates people-powered social change - join us at www.oxfordhub.org This entry was submitted by Sara Fernandez. www.oxfordhub.org

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004: Old Fire Station

Arts at the Old Fire Station is a charity and arts centre, smack bang in the middle of Oxford. We put on great art for the public and support emerging artists, but we also include people facing tough times in everything we do. But not enough people know we exist, or realise that the way we work is totally unique. People with lived experience of homelessness can come to us to change their labels and be seen as more than just a set of problems - instead, they help us run the arts centre. They come to the OFS to get support from Crisis Skylight, then come to the Arts to be a volunteer, audience member, or even staff and trustees. We also run a bespoke training programme where people who have experienced homelessness can learn or refine transferable skills. The effects of all of this participation can be totally transformative. We deserve to 'Brand the Bus' because some people in Oxford still don't realise that we're not a nightclub anymore! The way we work is having a real impact on the local community. We help people feel like they actually belong in Oxford. Arts at the Old Fire Station makes Oxford a better place. Art is for everyone - everyone has potential. This entry was submitted by Justine Malone. https://oldfirestation.org.uk

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005: Maggies

We provide free support for people with cancer & their loved ones. Our centre has only been open in Oxford for 5 years so raising awareness really makes a difference. We’re here to support anyone living with cancer & their families & friends – but they will only use us if they know we’re here! We help people affected by any type of cancer, at any age & any stage. We are funded entirely by voluntary donations; we don’t receive any government or NHS funding. Letting people know we’re here can change lives, as one of our visitors said “Maggie’s turned what seemed to be overwhelming into something manageable.” Our purpose-built centre at the Churchill Hospital is a warm & welcoming place where people can access specialist, professional support free of charge on a drop-in basis. They can speak to people who understand what they are going through; seek financial advice & practical information. Our tree-house building is specially designed to feel more like a home than a hospital, with no reception desk, no signs on the wall, no name badges & a big kitchen table at the heart. There’s no need for an appointment either, people can just drop in between 9am & 5pm, Monday - Friday. 1 of our Cancer Support Specialists are always on hand to help with advice, support or to answer any questions. We also run a whole series of groups & activities. Including group sessions tailored to a particular type of cancer, or our ‘Where Now?’ group for adjusting to life after cancer. We run relaxation sessions, nutrition workshops & groups to help with the physical impact of cancer treatment. We also run tai chi & yoga to help build confidence & get people back into exercise. People going through cancer treatment may struggle with their finances; we have a full-time benefits advisor, who can help with benefits applications & other areas of financial support. For more complex emotional issues, our psychologist & counsellors see people on a 1-2-1 basis. This entry was submitted by Ruth Pearson. www.maggiescentres.org/oxford

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006: Pancreatic Cancer Action

I have lived in Oxford all my life and in 2011 my world collapsed when my mother Janet Priest was diagnosed with this horrific disease (pancreatic cancer), within just 7 weeks of this diagnosis she died. I then found this charity whilst looking for support and can never thank them enough for not only their support, giving me the strength to turn my grief into helping others but also for believing in me enough to make me area representative for Oxfordshire. Within the last few years I have supported over 20 other families in Oxford whose loved ones have sadly been diagnosed and lost their lives to pancreatic cancer. Together with the help of PCA we continuously fundraise and push for more awareness throughout Oxfordshire, we even held our 1st Oxford “Striding for Survival ” event last year and this has now been confirmed as an annual event. To have Pancreatic Cancer Action emblazoned all over one of your buses would just be fantastic for more awareness and help us to change the horrific statistics that survival of pancreatic cancer has. This entry was submitted by Kelley Spacey. https://pancreaticcanceraction.org

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007: Helen & Douglas House

Helen & Douglas House is a local charity and we care for terminally ill babies, children and teenagers at our hospice, in Oxford or in their own homes across Oxfordshire and the surrounding counties. Since we opened in 1982, as the world’s first children's hospice, we have helped many local families cope with the challenges of looking after a terminally ill child who will die prematurely. We are a home-from-home for local terminally ill children and their families and provide round-the-clock care in a warm, loving environment. It costs £3 million a year to care for local terminally ill children and we need your help. The majority of the money it takes to run the hospice and charity comes from supporters just like you, but we need to get the message out there to encourage more people to donate and support us. Every donation makes a big difference to the help we can offer terminally ill children and families facing the devastating loss of a child. If we were to win and be featured on the 'Brand the Bus' it would be a great opportunity for us to get our message out further, in and around Oxfordshire, as we have very limited funds spend on campaigns like this. By voting for us, you will be helping to raise awareness of your local charity and helping us to continue to create happy memories for our children and their families. Thank you for your support. This entry was submitted by Hannah Ford. www.helenanddouglas.org.uk

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008: Earthwatch

Nature in the UK is in trouble. Pollution, habitat destruction and climate change are making it harder and harder for plants and animals to thrive. Hedgehog numbers have decreased by a third since 2000, half of our bumblebee species are in decline, and there’s been a 71% reduction in house sparrows in the last 40 years. But, through Naturehood, you can make a difference. Naturehood connects communities with the nature on their doorstep, supporting them to work together to take positive action for local wildlife. Whether you’re an ecology expert or a nature novice, we offer a variety of fun ways to get involved and to meet your neighbours. So far we’ve helped communities identify their local bees, discover exciting wildlife in park ponds, and showed them that with a few simple steps wildlife can thrive in small urban gardens. What is more, by being part of Naturehood, you are helping our scientists to learn more about our wildlife and how best to support it. Please vote for Naturehood and help us bring more local communities together to protect our natural world. This entry was submitted by Katie Scott. https://earthwatch.org.uk/

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009: Headington Fairtrade Co-operative

If you care about people struggling with disadvantage and poverty, please consider voting for Headington Fairtrade. Our shop is a flagship for our communal efforts to make the world a fairer place by putting people and the environment at the centre of everything we do. We support local schools and welcome classes to visit us to learn about fairtrade. They find out how the things we buy are produced, about the people who grow the things we like to eat and drink, and the people who make traditional crafts. Students doing the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme can volunteer with us. The shop is staffed by a large team of voluntary workers and a paid manager. The business is overseen by a management committee, most of whom work in the shop too. One of our members sits on the Oxford Fairtrade Coalition and this links Headington Fairtrade with the wider fairtrade community in Oxford. This includes Oxford Brookes which was the first Fair Trade University in the UK, Oxford City Council, church groups, entrepreneurs, representatives of the Fairtrade Foundation, Oxford University and other groups involved in ethical organisations. Six Oxford University Colleges have signed up to Fair Trade. We have a strong relationship with Fairtrade at St. Michaels in Oxford city centre. Some of our volunteers have made links with the wider community by doing pop-up stalls at churches, schools and fairs around the city. We hold open evenings for interested groups to shop with us in a convivial atmosphere. Abingdon and Witney College select products from us to sell in their fairtrade mini shop on campus. We are proud to help some of the most disadvantaged and poorest people on the planet through the principles of fairtrade. Profits made are re-invested in the business so that our suppliers have the security of regular orders in an overseas market. We hope that our message travels on our local Oxford Bus Company bus. This entry was submitted by Kate MacFarlane. www.headingtonfairtrade.org.uk

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010: Oxfordshire Association for the Blind

Oxfordshire Association for the Blind (OAB) was founded in 1877 and is a life-enhancing charity supporting children and adults who are blind or partially sighted throughout Oxfordshire. Sight loss can be a devastating and challenging reality for an estimated 21,000 people in Oxfordshire and many experience a time of grieving. OAB is committed to promoting independence and opportunities for people with Visual Impairment, as well as helping them and their carers to access any support they may need. With help towards re-adjustment it is possible to continue life and enjoy pastimes and hobbies, new and old. Although Visual Impairment and blindness are serious, life changing conditions, with the right help and support, and a willingness to accept a challenge, the feelings of loss and its implications can be overcome. People with Visual Impairment can continue to enjoy an independent and fulfilling lifestyle. OAB advises on and provides services and equipment that enable Visually Impaired People (VIPs) to live independent lives. We have a small team of friendly and supportive staff, assisted by a number of dedicated volunteers. Despite being few in number we aim to support any of the 21,000 people in the County with visual impairment. The Trustees of the charity are unpaid volunteers who bring their professional job skills to aid the charity’s development. A volunteer reference group of Visually Impaired People and carers give their valuable time to advise OAB on relevant issues. A key reason for entering this competition is the reliance that VIPs have on public transport for travel to important appointments, work and leisure activities, being unable to drive themselves. It’s time to get the word out about OAB! This entry was submitted by Guy Lawfull. http://www.oxeyes.org.uk

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011: Bioregional (One Planet Oxfordshire)

Everyone in Oxfordshire is at risk from climate change. Thousands of beautiful and unique species are at risk of going extinct in the UK, and heatwaves, floods, and wildfires are increasing, threatening our livelihoods and food security. Oxfordshire County Council has declared a climate emergency, so the time for action... is now. In Oxfordshire, sustainability charity Bioregional has been pioneering a project that unites people from across all sectors: business, education, community groups, local government and more. We’re coming together to tackle the climate crisis and create a happier, healthier, and greener county. We believe that we’ll only get there if we stop using up more resources than the Earth can give us each year - if everyone lived like we do in the UK, we would need three planets. We need to live within the means of our one planet… and we call this One Planet Living! It encompasses many things, like moving to renewable energy, enjoying sustainable food, eradicating waste, using low-carbon transport, connecting with our communities, and more. Together with over 100 organisations across the county, we’ve created a vision of how we see Oxfordshire in the future and built a route-map for how to get there. We’ve set ourselves targets and created organisational-level action plans that feed into achieving our shared goals. Now we want as many people as possible to get involved, whether it’s taking action individually or helping to change the way things work in our organisations. If our project could reach more people via bus, tens of thousands would be given hope and inspiration for action. Us Oxfordshire citizens could collaborate in unexpected and ground-breaking ways. We could build a better, safer world for our loved ones and generations to come. So help us spread the word by joining our project, and vote for us to Brand the Bus! This entry was submitted by Hannah Scott. https://www.bioregional.com/

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12: Headway Oxfordshire

Headway Oxfordshire provides direct support to 450+ people who have suffered a brain injury. Based in Kennington, we operate across the whole county of Oxfordshire. There are three services that we provide: - Activity and Rehabilitation Centre - 1-1 Community Support - Carer and Professional Training and Events The Activity and Rehabilitation Centre offers service users a holistic rehabilitative package of Physiotherapy, Speech and Language workshops and other activities such as Arts, Music, Yoga, Creative Writing, Baking and Cooking, which increases confidence to gain skills to reintegrate back into community life. Our 1-1 Community Support provides isolated service users with vital help with home duties, transport to use facilities at our centre, and assistance to support people back into jobs. We support 1000+ carers and professionals through specialist training and events, to bring people who are experiencing similar journeys together and raise awareness of brain injury. Headway Oxfordshire has been described as “life-changing” and without Headway, they “wouldn’t have survived”. We would LOVE to win Brand the Bus competition! In 2018, there were 3,789 people in Oxfordshire who were admitted to hospital with a brain injury, and currently we cannot reach all of those people who are desperately needing our help. By winning Brand the Bus competition, we would have the opportunity to reach even more people to let them know about our services and how we can help support them to get the best out of their rehabilitation journey to recovery, as well as engage new ABI Support Workers and volunteers to join our friendly and supportive team. This entry was submitted by Sharelle Holdsworth https://headwayoxford.org.uk

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