cityzone offers local travel on our city, park&ride and BROOKESbus services along with Thames Travel services within the cityzone area. Stagecoach services are not included.

About cityzone

cityzone map

cityzone covers the majority of greater Oxford, to Kennington (Sugworth Crescent) in the south, Botley to the west and Wheatley to the east, as well as Garsington and Blackbird Leys.

Download the cityzone map (PDF, 322KB)

How do you purchase a cityzone pass?

You can purchase a cityzone pass online, through our mobile app or by topping up your key smartcard.

If you don't have a key card you can sign-up online at Alternatively, visit our Gloucester Green travel shop.

How much does cityzone cost?

  Adult   18&under  
1 hour Hopper £3.50 (A, B) Buy ↗ -  
1 day £4.20 (A) Buy ↗ -  

1 week

£16 (A, K, B)

Buy ↗ £12 (A, K) Buy ↗

4 weeks

£54 (A, K)

Buy ↗ £40.50 (A, K) Buy ↗

13 weeks

£145 (A, K)

Buy ↗ £108.75 (A, K) Buy ↗

1 year

£535 (K)

Buy ↗ £401.25 (K) Buy ↗


£10 (A, B)

Buy ↗ -  

any 5 days

£18(A, K)

Buy ↗ -  

12 trips (use within 12 months)

£18 (A, K)

Buy ↗ £13.50 (A, B) Buy ↗

A - Available on the app, K - Available on the key, B - Available on the bus, from your driver.