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Valid on all Oxford Bus Company and Thames Travel services within cityzone. Also valid on cityX3, 4/4A/4B/4C, 35 and Thames Travel 41 in their entirety. Valid on Thames Travel X1 between Oxford and Abingdon, Fairacres. Valid on Thames Travel X2 between Oxford and Abingdon, Morland Gardens. Valid on Thames Travel X32 and ST1 within Oxford. (To travel beyond Redbridge, a cityzone + South Oxfordshire Zone pass will be required.) Valid on River Rapids X39/X40 between Oxford and Nuneham Courtenay. Valid on city11 between Oxford and Garsington. Valid on Thames Travel 34 within Abingdon between Dunmore Road and Morland Gardens.

About cityzone EXTRA

cityzone EXTRA Map

The cityzone EXTRA product is a cheaper option for those travelling between Abingdon, Oxford City Centre, Oxford Rail Station and the John Radcliffe Hospital.

Download the cityzone EXTRA map (PDF, 295KB)

How do you purchase a cityzone EXTRA pass?

You can purchase a cityzone EXTRA pass online, through our mobile app or by topping up your key smartcard.

If you don't have a key card you can sign-up online at Alternatively, visit our Gloucester Green travel shop.

How much does cityzone EXTRA cost?

  Adult   18&under  
1 day £6 (A) Buy ↗ -  

1 week

£25 (A, K)

Buy ↗ £18.75 (A) Buy ↗

4 weeks

£79 (A, K)

Buy ↗ £59.25 (A) Buy ↗

13 weeks

£209 (A, K)

Buy ↗ £156.75 (A) Buy ↗

1 year

£685 (K)

Buy ↗ -  

any 5 days (use within 6 months)

£26 (A, K)

Buy ↗ £19.50 (A) Buy ↗

12 trips (use within 6 months)

£26 (A, K)

Buy ↗ £19.50 (A, K) Buy ↗

A - Available on the app, K - Available on the key, B - Available on the bus, from your driver.


Purchasing an Adult cityzone EXTRA day ticket? Why not use Freeflow instead! Just tap on as you board each bus and tap off as you alight, and you'll automatically be capped at the day ticket price of £6 - no paper tickets, no hassle! Other day ticket cap options are available with Freeflow (South Oxfordshire Zone, Go-Anywhere). Find out more about Freeflow.