Buses to Vaccination centres

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A number of vaccination centres are emerging in Oxfordshire, which staff, volunteers and patients need to attend. To facilitate your journey, we've put together a list of the places served by our bus services.

New centres are being added all the time, so this list may not contain every location.  

Please note that the NHS will let you know when it's your turn to have the vaccine. Do not contact your GP practice or other NHS services before then, and please do not attend without an appointment. You will be contacted directly with details of how to book and where to go.

Click on the vaccination centres and bus stops names to locate them on Google Maps.


Bartlemas Surgery

Use the Manzil Way stop 

  • city5: From Blackbird Leys, Templars Square (Cowley), Oxford City Centre, Oxford Rail Station
  • BROOKESbusU5: Oxford City Centre, Cowley (opp Paul Kent Hall), Headington, New Marston, Cherwell Drive (Marston)
  • 11: From Templars Square (Cowley), Oxford High Street (K2), Oxford St Aldates (G4)

Leys Health Centre

Use the Flaxfield Road stop (Blackbird Leys)

  • city5: From Oxford Rail Station, The Swan (Between Towns Road), Templars Square (Cowley), Field Avenue (Blackbird Leys)

Cherwell School

Use the Thorncliffe Road/Lathbury Road stops

  • city2/2A/2B: From Kidlington, Cutteslowe, Summertown, Oxford City Centre
  • park&ride500: From Oxford Rail Station, Magdalen Street (Oxford), Summertown, Harefields (Cutteslowe)

Kassam Stadium

Use the Kassam Stadium stop

  • city3A: From Oxford Rail Station, Westgate (Oxford), Magdalen Road (Oxford), Littlemore, Oxford Science Park

From Monday 1st February 2021, the Oxford Bus Company city3A and Stagecoach 3A services were temporarily amended to provide a daily link to the new mass vaccination centre at Kassam Stadium. The services were also extended to serve Oxford Rail Station and Cowley Centre via Greater Leys / Blackbird Leys. Click here for more information.


Malthouse Surgery

Use the Stratton Way stop

  • city4: From Oxford City Centre, Elms Parade, Cumnor, Wootton, Dalton Barracks, Shippon, Faringdon Road (Abingdon) - view on Google Maps
  • cityX3: From Oxford City Centre, Abingdon Road (Oxford), North Abingdon - view on Google Maps
  • city35: From Oxford City Centre, Kennington, Radley, Audlett Drive (Abingdon) - view on Google Maps
  • X2: From Oxford Rail Station,  Redbridge Park&Ride, Abingdon, Drayton, Steventon, Milton Park, Didcot Parkway Station - view on Google Maps
  • 33: From Wallingford, Didcot Parkway Rail Station, Milton Park, Sutton Courtenay, Culham, Abingdon - view on Google Maps
  • 41: From Caldecott (Abingdon), Community Centre, White Horse Leisure Centre - view on Google Maps
  • 45: From Abingdon, Culham Science Park, Clifton Hampden, Berinsfield, Nuneham Courtenay, Oxford Science Park, Sandford, Littlemore, Templars Square (Cowley) - view on Google Maps

Clifton Hampden Centre

Use the Village Hall stop

  • 45: From Abingdon College, Bridge Street (Abingdon), Culham Science Centre, Clifton Hampden, Berinsfield, Nuneham Courtenay, Oxford Science Park, Sandford, Littlemore, Templars Square (Cowley)
  • 95: From Didcot Parkway Station, Ladygrove, Long Wittenham, Clifton Hampden, Culham Science Park


Didcot Civic Hall

Use the Civil Hall stop

  • X32: From Milton Park, Didcot Parkway Rail Station, Harwell High Street, Rowstock Corner Garage, Chilton, Harwell Campus, East Hendred, Wantage
  • 98: Harwell Campus, Rowstock Corner Garage, Didcot Parkway Rail Station
  • 99C: Didcot Parkway Rail Station, Harwell Asda, Milton Park


RAC Business Park

Use the Faringdon Park Retail Park stop

  • 67: From Wantage, East Challow, Stanford in the Vale, Faringdon


Barton Neighbourhood Centre

Use the Underhill Circus stop

  • city8: From Oxford City Centre, Headington, Barton
  • cityX3: From Stratton Way (Abingdon), Oxford City Centre, Marston, Northway, Barton Park, Barton


Hart Surgery

Use the Bell Street North stop

  • X38: From Oxford City Centre, Nuneham Courtenay, Berinsfield, Shillingford, Benson, Wallingford, Nuffield, Nettlebed


Kennington Health Centre

Use the Bagley Wood Road/Edwards Road stops

  • city35: From Oxford City Centre, Radley, Audlett Drive (Abingdon)


Wallingford Community Hospital

Use the Community Hospital stop

  • X39/X40: From Oxford City Centre, Nuneham Courtenay, Berinsfield, Shillingford, Benson, Crowmarsh Gifford, Wallingford, Woodcote, Caversham Heights, Reading Station Road
  • 136: From Wallingford, RAF Benson, Crowmarsh Gifford, Cholsey


Wantage Health Centre

Use the Health Centre stop

  • 38: Wantage, Grove, Harcourt Green (Charlton)


Morland House Surgery

Use the Park Hill Roundabout stop

  • BROOKESbusU1: From Brookes University, Headington Shops, Thornhill Park&Ride

Use the Lock-up stop

  • 46: From Cowley Centre, Horspath