Bus Transports You For Less

Annual saving Bus v Car £2,318. Bus Transports you for less

Did you know?

  • Oxfordshire commuters can save up to £2,318.23 if they switch car for bus full time
  • Oxfordshire commuters can save up to £1,782.42 if they switch car for bus X3 a week

Petrol and diesel prices reached a record high, with the cost of filling up a 55-litre tank family car now more than £100 on average.
However, commuters and leisure travellers can achieve significant savings by swapping using private vehicles for buses, where practical.
Councillor Andrew Gant, Cabinet Member for Highways Management, said: “We are committed to ensuring that the bus is a reliable, affordable alternative to the car. That’s more important now than ever as we face this cost-of-living crisis.”

Here are some stories of your local bus users:

Margaret Simpson from Cumnor

Hybrid worker annual saving Bus V Car £12

“In my opinion, it is a big advantage to use the buses because you reduce pollution and congestion. You also are making use of the public transport – we do need good transport links to get us around the city and the county. Whether you are paying for your bus fare or get free travel as an older person, it is much more cost-effective to make use of public transport.”

Michael Hirsch from Oxford


“I commute from Oxford to Harwell campus five times a week by bus because it is the most convenient way to commute. It is cost-effective and it is fairly relaxing so I am not exposed to the stress of the traffic.”