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    Looking for fun and exciting things to do with your kids? This page will provide you with resources and ideas for great fun with kids on the bus and at home.

ColourMeIn Competition

ColourMeIn Competition is now closed and winners have now been announced, but you can still use our templates to keep busy at home.

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Word Search Activity

Challenge yourself with the Oxford Bus Company word search! Can you find our 30 route destinations across the Oxford Bus Company and Thames Travel network?

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Maze Activity

You can use your imagination for this activity! Let’s imagine that you’re a bus driver needing to get to the bus stop. Can you find the right route to the bus stop through the maze?

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Eggbert’s Adventures

Looking for something to read with children? Eggbert’s Adventures is a wonderful series written by an Oxford author, Paul Gustafson, aiming to widen children’s vocabulary and hone their reading ability whilst providing great enjoyment, entertainment and education.

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