Reminder: BROOKESbus service changes from 4th September 2022

1 year ago Wed 12th Oct 2022

BROOKESbus, park&ride service changes

On Sunday 4th September, there were major changes to the BROOKESbus and park&ride400 services.

The BROOKESbusU1 and the park&ride400 have now been merged. The new service enables higher frequency, improved coverage throughout the day and enhanced connectivity for both former routes. Serving Seacourt and Thornhill terminals in full, the new route extends to Oxford Brookes University's Wheatley and Harcourt Hill campuses but still remain as limited stops in the central area. The service still serves all stops between Seacourt Park&Ride to Harcourt Hill, and Thornhill Park&Ride to Wheatley Campus. Additional stops have been added to serve all Oxford Brookes University requirements.

The main stops in Oxford City Centre are as follows:

Towards Seacourt Park&Ride & Harcourt Hill:

  • Queens Lane, J3
  • High Street, L2
  • Speedwell Street, S1
  • Westgate, E5 (U1 previously served E8)

Towards Headington Campus, Thornhill Park&Ride & Wheatley:

  • Westgate, M3 (U1 previously served M5)
  • Speedwell Street, S2
  • St Aldates, G6 (U1 previously served T1)
  • Queens Lane, K4


The BROOKESbusU5, Monday to Friday daytime service linking Oxford Brookes Halls of Residence with Headington campus, has also been revised. This route has been rebranded as the 100 BROOKESbusU5 and extends to Blackbird Leys rather than Oxford City Centre, and to the John Radcliffe Hospital rather than Marston Road. Operating every 20 minutes most of the day, the service has been enhanced at peak times to provide additional capacity for students travelling between Halls and Headington campus.

During the evenings and at weekends, the BROOKESbusU5 continues to provide Headington campus and Brookes Halls with a service to and from Oxford City Centre. Late night services NU1 and NU5 remain unchanged.

400 BROOKESbusU1

Harcourt Hill • Seacourt Park&Ride • Oxford City Centre • Oxford Brookes University • Thornhill Park&Ride • Wheatley

400 BROOKESbusU1 timetable - valid from 4th September 2022 (PDF, 921KB)

100 BROOKESbusU5

Blackbird Leys • Templars Square • Hollow Way • Oxford Brookes University • John Radcliffe Hospital (Monday to Friday daytime)

Oxford City Centre • Hollow Way • Oxford Brookes University (Monday to Friday evenings and Saturday/Sunday all day)

100 BROOKESbusU5 timetable - valid from 4th September 2022 (PDF, 45KB)

BROOKESbus Calendar - 2022 to 2023. This shows the Vacation and Semester term dates.

BROOKESbus Calendar - 2022 to 2023 (PDF, 376KB)

BROOKESbus service map

BROOKESbus network map - valid from 4th September 2022 (PDF, 214KB)