How it works

AUTOpay is set up as a recurring monthly payment from your credit or debit card via a Continuous Authority payment.

You can check your next payment date at any time and if you no longer need the product, cancelling is simply a button click away.

How much?

You can currently top up cityzone and park&ride monthly passes with the AUTOpay system.

  • park&ride per month with AUTOpay - £43 Adult
  • cityzone per month with AUTOpay - £50.50 Adult / £37.75 18 and under

AUTOpay benefits

  • Hassle free bus travel in Oxford. No need to top your key up at our travel shop or online every month.
  • Your key is always ready! AUTOpay eliminates the wait for products to activate on your card.
  • Get 29 days free every year. As you pay for a month, rather than 4 weeks, you get 29 days free over the period of a year.

Switching to AUTOpay is simple:

1) Log into your account at
2) Once you have logged in, select 'Buy new travel products'.
3) On the next page select and purchase either a cityzone or park&ride 'Pay Monthly' product from the drop down menu.